Commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems effectively remove impurities like lead, fluorine, and chlorine taste and odor from water for food and beverage service. This is your guide to commercial and industrial RO system processes, general installation procedures, and components with diagrams explaining the use and flow of a system. If your RO unit is not making enough water or your RO pump won’t stay on, this troubleshooting guide will help you solve the problem and maintain your RO system.

This PDF shows you how to:

  • Understand the overall terms and components of a reverse osmosis system
  • Use RO system diagrams to understand the flow of the water treatment system
  • Maintain your RO system by cleaning and disinfecting on a regular basis
  • Learning RO water pump inspection and start-up procedures
  • Solve troubleshooting issues when your RO unit is not making enough water or your RO pump will not stay on

View PDF here.


  • Sally,

    1000 liters per hour calculates to over 6300 gallons per day. We offer a fairly full featured 7,000 gallon per day system, here are the specs:

    John Woodard, Master Water Specialist on

  • I need to what will be the cost of RO with capacity of 1000 lph??

    Sally on

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