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Aquatec 5513-1E12-J526 Pump 4.9 gpm, 1/2 FPT, 115VAC

550 Demand Pump 4.9 gpm, 1/2 FPT, 115V AC w/ CordShow Picture 1Show Picture 2Show Picture 3
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NSF Certified  Made in USA 

Part Number: 5513-1E12-J526
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Aquatec 550 Series Demand Pump 4.9 gpm, 1/2 FPT, 115V AC w/ Cord Features:

The Aquatec 550 Series Pumps are used to either draw water from a holding tank and pressurize it, or boost pressure from a low pressure source. Although designed to operate intermittently, many 550 versions can run continuously for several hours at a time. These pumps can be operated either in demand mode (pressure switch controlled) or in delivery mode (controlled by external power switching device). If needed, an integral bypass can be used to limit pressure. 

  • 5-chamber construction
  • Closed impervious diaphragm
  • Independent symmetrical valves
  • Highest structural integrity
  • Ten point clamping
  • Engineered composite plastics
  • Corrosion resistant metal
  • Pressure switch and transducer options

Aquatec 5513-1E12-J526 Demand Pump Benefits:

  • Self-priming
  • Unparalleled performance, efficiency
  • Whisper quiet at lower flows
  • Minimal pulsations
  • 7 year design life
  • Runs dry without damage
  • Chemically resistant versions

Aquatec 5513-1E12-J526 Demand Pump Technical Information
Aquatec 550 Series Demand Pump Data

Pump Specifications
1/2" FPT
1/2" FPT
4.9 gpm
2100 RPM
Operating Conditions
60 psi
140 max °F
9.05 "
4.58 "
4.84 "
NSF 58
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