Fresh Water Systems' Water Specialists Develop a Water Treatment Solution for Local Family 


On a recent episode of Lifetime Network’s hit TV show, Designing Spaces, you’ll see a segment all about choosing a water filtration system for your home. You’ll also see your favorite water treatment company: Fresh Water Systems. We worked with a local family who was having trouble with their household water: the homeowners were concerned by the taste and smell as well as the seeming changes to the water quality. We partnered with VIQUA, a leading supplier of ultraviolet disinfection systems, to design a water treatment system that would be able to address both the poor water taste and smell as well as the overall water purity for the home. What we came up with was a three-phase water treatment system,starting with a whole house solution that included (1.) a carbon filter system, followed by (2.) a robust UV system, and finally (3.) a reverse osmosis system for their drinking water.

PHASE 1: Carbon Filter System

Upflow Non-Electric Catalytic Carbon Filters

The primary concern of the homeowners was the less than desirable taste and smell of their water resulting from the chlorination and chloramination at the local water treatment plant. Both chlorine and chloramine are highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses, but can produce negative byproducts like trihalomethanes (THMs), and can leave the water as something we simply don’t want to consume, as it tastes and smells bad or even dries our skin when we bathe. To address not only the tastes and odors, but also the hazards, we installed a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter system right where the main water line enters the home. GAC filter systems are a great option for the reduction of chloramine, chlorine and their resulting byproducts, as well as liquid-form hydrogen sulfide (yet another odor-causing chemical). This low-maintenance system is a non-backwashing tank, meaning the system requires absolutely zero electricity and also takes up little space, as it doesn’t need a drain line to go with it. 

PHASE 2: UV Disinfection

Viqua UV Water Purification and Filter Systems

To address not only the couple’s initial concerns, but also the unpredictable nature of water quality, we recommended a VIQUA Professional Grade UV System(Model IHS22-E4).UV Systems are a chemical-free solution for water purification, as the ultraviolet lamp inside will actually sterilize bacteria, rendering your water potable and safe to drink. What makes this system really special is two-fold: the sheer amount of water it can treat and also the two pre-filters that are included with the system. The IHS22-E4 Model can handle up to 22 gallons/minute, and is fit for commercial-grade water treatment. The integrated pre-filters mean less installation and minimal space once actually set up, and include a sediment filter as well as a carbon block filter. The sediment pre-filter clears the water of any turbidity, enabling the ultraviolet rays to actually reach the bacteria for sterilization, while the carbon block filter is certified for lead-removal.  

PHASE 3: Reverse Osmosis System

Deluxe Reverse Osmosis System

While the carbon filter system and UV disinfection system will treat the water for the entire home’s taps and showers, it is wise to also have a system that is designed specifically for drinking water.We advised that the family use a reverse osmosis system (familiarly known as “RO”), which is one of the most effective methods for removal of microscopic particles like fluoride, lead, and other metals like barium and chromium. We installed a Neo-Pure RO system, which is a pharmacy-grade system that features triple stage filtration and also re-mineralizes the water. The Neo-Pure 4300 Deluxe model features an alkalizing filter and also a carbon post-filter. The alkalizing filter restores the micro-filtered water to a higher pH level and higher alkalinity, which is healthier for the human body.The carbon post-filter “polishes” the water, leaving your water almost sweet-tasting.

The homeowners’ concerns for the poor tasting water they were drinking were caused by a multitude of issues, which is why our experts recommended such a robust,holistic approach to the water treatment solution. The three-phase water treatment solution that our experts came up with was an efficient system,delivering safe water to every dispensing point in the home. The combination of the carbon filter system and the VIQUA ultraviolet system combined to treat the whole house water supply, while the RO system was specific to the drinking water. Utilizing systems with specific applications in unison is an efficient design, and reminds us that water has different uses, and must be treated so when looking for a water treatment solution.

Designing Spaces Segment Clip

Whole House Point of Entry Featuring Viqua UV Technology

Check out our segment below. Keep an eye out for our feature at the 10:48 time mark!  

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