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The ERP 1000 gets the following

Benefits to your System:

The colored areas show the possible parameters you will see on different systems. You can easily recognize that even on the early shutdown at 60% of line pressure, the concentrate to permeate ratio is 12:1 at the end.

How does the permeate pump work?

The ERP 1000 Permeate pump is using the energy of the brine Water of your RO- system, to pump the permeate into your pressure Tank. It does not require electricity for that. It is just using hydraulic energy that normally goes to drain unused.

This way, it isolates your Tank from the membrane and lets your membrane perform like in an atmospheric tank system.

How do you install the permeate pump?

The permeate pump can be installed into almost every existing undercounter RO- system. The main thing is, that you install it horizontal with both outlet ports in the highest position so that any air purges out automatically.