Doulton HIP Triple Cartridge System Replacement Filters

Doulton HIP Triple Cartridge System Replacement FiltersThe HIP Triple water filter systems (known as HIP3 or HIP320) are available as an under sink drinking water system that uses Doulton ceramic filter technology. To ensure that the filter system is working at optimum performance, flow rate, and contaminate removal it is recommended to replace the ceramic filter at least once a year

These systems originally came with the Ultracarb ceramic filter candle and several choices for the second and third filters. You can upgrade your Ultracarb to the CeraCarb ceramic filter candle for increased filter life without compromising your filtration level and continue to use the second and third filter of your choice.

First Cartridge OptionsSecond Cartridge OptionsThird Cartridge Options
Better - CeraCarb W9610300
1500 gal. or 12months
Arsenic Reduction CF-A5-10SArsenic Reduction CF-A5-10S
MTBE Reduction M-1MTBE Reduction M-1
Nitrate Reduction CFA310SNitrate Reduction CFA310S
Good - Ultracarb DUC-1000
600 gal. or 6 months
Fluoride/Heavy Metal AC-B2/10SFluoride/Heavy Metal AC-B2/10S
Alkaline/ORP AC-A/O/10SAlkaline/ORP AC-A/O/10S
VOC/Lead/Heavy Metal MAXPB-SS5 micron Sediment Filter SPCM-5

AquaCera W9512500 10" CeraUltra Ceramic Filter Candle

MFG # DUC-1000, W9123053
FWS # W9512500

MSRP: $49.40
MSRP: $63.79
Set of 2 for $66.94 ea
10+ for $1.18 ea
50+ for $1.02 ea

Note: Doulton filters are used in many Privately Labled filter systems including Atriflow, Uniflow, Franke, Katadyn, Gary Null, Watkins Nu Millenium, Mountain Pure MT660, CWR and others. Doulton 10" Ultracarb Candle # DUC-1000 aka CU1200, MT661-RFC, Gary Null Countertop/Undercounter, CP100UC, CP100SC, CS100UC, CS100SC, CP200UC, IP200, IP300.