3M Micro-Wynd II

The Micro-Wynd® II filter cartridge is a major advance in blanketed filter technology. By combining an enhanced open wind process with an internal media blanket, the Micro-Wynd II provides superior flow rates, greater filtration efficiency, and consistent filtration characteristics from cartridge to cartridge.

You can consult page 4 of the Micro-Wynd II Specifications Sheet.


3M DPPPV1 Micro-Wynd II 100 mic Filter Cartridge3M DPPPV1 Micro-Wynd II 100 mic Filter Cartridge
Part Number: D-PPPV1
Alternate Part Number: JN-7200-0117-9, DPPPV1
  • Polypropylene Media Blanket, Matrix, & Core
  • 100 micron
  • 9-7/8" x 2-3/8"
  • CFR21 Compliant Material
  • Certifications: CFR-21
  • Length: 9-7/8" (25.1 cm)
  • Filter Media: Polypropylene Media Blanket
  • Filter Application: Sediment/Dirt/Rust
  • Flow Rate: 5 gpm
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Set of 30 for $9.45 ea