Electrolux Refrigerator Filter

Electrolux refrigerators offer several innovative features such as Luxury-Design™ Glass Shelves and Perfect Temp™ Drawer Temperature Controls. Elextrolux refrigerators have an added advantage of built-in water filtration and dispensing systems in side-by-side and French door systems. Most Electrolux refrigerator water filters will reduce lead, chlorine, and other contaminants. Filtered water not only tastes great, but also provides you and your family with safe ice and water. To keep your Electrolux water and ice dispensing system working properly, change your Electrolux water filter every 6 months. 

In addition to a wide range of Electrolux replacement water filters, we also offer the Electrolux Pure Advantage refrigerator air filter. The air filter uses carbon media that cleans the air inside the refrigerator and freezer keeping your food free from odors. Change your Pure Advantage air filter every six months to ensure the best food quality. If you are unsure which Electrolux filter you need, please call our customer service staff at 1-877-335-3339 or click on the "Chat Now" button below. 



Frigidaire WF3CB PureSource 3 Refrigerator FilterWF3CB - Frigidaire PureSource 3 Refrigerator Water Filter
Electrolux Pure Advantage EWF01 Refrigerator Water FilterElectrolux Pure Advantage EWF01 Refrigerator Water Filter
Frigidaire WF2CB PureSource2 Water FilterWF2CB Filter For Frigidaire
Electrolux EAF1CB PureAdvantage Refrigerator Air FilterElectrolux EAF1CB PureAdvantage Refrigerator Air Filter
Electrolux EAFCBF PureAdvantage Refrigerator Air FilterElectrolux EAFCBF PureAdvantage Refrigerator Air Filter