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Filmtec Membranes

Dow Filmtec Membranes are designed for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Filmtec reverse osmosis commercial and industrial membranes provide water filtration from 100 to 7500 gallons per day, while residential Filmtec RO membranes offer 24 to 100 gallons per day capacity. Filmtec membranes can be used for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration elements for a wide variety of industrial, municipal, commercial, and residential drinking water applications. We offer replacement DOW Filmtech RO membranes for a wide selection of users including power generation and semiconductor plants, chemical and process industries, municipalities, and other commercial and consumer customers. We carry Filmtec replacement membranes for any water filtration need. Contact our customer service agents at 1-877-335-3339 if you have any questions; we would be happy to help. 

Filmtec Tap Water Membrane

Commercial Tap Water TW30 Series Filmtec RO Membranes

TW30-2013 Filmtec TW30-2013 Tap Water 100 GPD RO Membrane Element
TW30HP-2526 Filmtec TW30HP-2526 Tap Water 600 GPD RO Membrane Element
TW30-2514 Filmtec TW30-2514 Tap Water 200 GPD RO Membrane Element
TW30-2026 Filmtec TW30-2026 Tap Water 220 GPD RO Membrane Dry
TW30-2521 Filmtec TW30-2521 Tap Water 325 GPD RO Membrane Element
TW30-4014 Filmtec TW30-4014 Tap Water 525 GPD RO Membrane Element
TW30-2540 Filmtec TW30-2540 Tap Water 850 GPD RO Membrane Element
TW30-4021 Filmtec TW30-4021 Tap Water 900 GPD RO Membrane Element
TW30-4040 Filmtec TW30-4040 Tap Water 2400 GPD RO Membrane Element

Residential Membrane Elements

Residential Tap Water TW30-1812 Series Filmtec RO Membranes

TW30-1812-24 Filmtec TW30-1812-24 Residential 24 GPD RO Membrane
TW30-1812-36 Filmtec TW30-1812-36 Residential 36 GPD RO Membrane
TW30-1812-50 Filmtec TW30-1812-50 Residential 50 GPD RO Membrane
TW30-1812-75 Filmtec TW30-1812-75 Residential 75 GPD RO Membrane
TW30-1812-100 Filmtec TW30-1812-100 Residential 100 GPD RO Membrane

Tap Water - High Production - Membrane Elements

High Production Commercial Tap Water TW30HP Series Filmtec RO Membranes

TW30HP-4611 Filmtec TW30HP-4611 Tap Water High Production 1200 GPD RO Membrane Element
TW30HP-4641 Filmtec TW30HP-4641 Tap Water High Production 5200 GPD RO Membrane Element

Tap Water - Extra Low Energy 100psi - Membrane Elements

Low Energy Commercial Tap Water Filmtec RO Membranes

XLE-2521 Filmtec XLE-2521 Tap Water Extra low Energy 365 GPD RO Membrane Element
XLE-2540 Filmtec XLE-2540 Tap Water Extra Low Energy 850 GPD RO Membrane Element
XLE-4021 Filmtec XLE-4021 Tap Water Extra Low Energy 1025 GPD RO Membrane Element
XLE-4040 Filmtec XLE-4040 Tap Water Extra Low Energy 2600 GPD RO Membrane Element

Brackish Water Membrane Elements

Commercial Brackish Water BW30 Series Filmtec RO Membranes

BW30-2540 Filmtec BW30-2540 Brackish Water 850 GPD RO Membrane Element
BW30-365 Filmtec BW30-365 High Rejection Brackish Water RO Membrane Element 9500 GPD
BW30-400 Filmtec BW30-400 High Rejection Brackish Water RO Membrane Element 10500 GPD
BW30-4040 Filmtec BW30-4040 Brackish Water 2400 GPD RO Membrane Element
HRLE-440i Filmtec HRLE-440i High Rejection Low Energy 12650 GPD RO Membrane Element
LE-4040 Filmtec LE-4040 Low Energy Brackish Water 2500 GPD RO Membrane Element

Nano Membrane Elements

Commercial Nano NF90 Series Filmtec RO Membranes

NF90-2540 Filmtec NF90-2540 680 GPD Nano Membrane Element
NF90-400 Filmtec NF90-400 7500 GPD Nano Membrane Element
NF90-4040 Filmtec NF90-4040 2000 GPD Nano Membrane Element

Sea Water Membrane Elements

Commercial Sea Water SW30 Series Filmtec RO Membranes

SW30-2514 Filmtec SW30-2514 Sea Water 150 GPD RO Membrane Element
SW30-2521 Filmtec SW30-2521 Sea Water 300 GPD RO Membrane Element
SW30-2540 Filmtec SW30-2540 Sea Water 700 GPD RO Membrane Element
SW30-4021 Filmtec SW30-4021 Sea Water 800 GPD RO Membrane Element
SW30-4040 Filmtec SW30-4040 Sea Water 1950 GPD RO Membrane Element
SW30-8040 Filmtec SW30-8040 Sea Water 6000 GPD RO Membrane Element
SW30HR-380 Filmtec SW30HR-380 Sea Water 6000 GPD RO Membrane Element
Filmtec SW30HR-380 Sea Water 6000 GPD RO Membrane Element
Mfg # SW30HR-320, 231995, 135137
FWS # SW30HR-380
SW30HRLE-400 Filmtec SW30HRLE-400 Sea Water 7500 GPD RO Membrane Element
SW30HRLE-400i Filmtec SW30HRLE-400i Sea Water 7500 GPD RO Membrane Element
SW30HRLE-440i Filmtec SW30HRLE-440i Sea Water 8200 GPD RO Membrane Element 8 x 40