Scale Inhibiting Filters


ScaleStick GroupThe ScaleStick provides superior limescale (calcium carbonate) prevention and corrosion control in water fed equipment. A controlled amount of specially blended scale control compounds are fed into the water stream, which provide the most effective treatment for a long period of time. ScaleSafe is released at a constant rate resulting in consistent scale prevention and removal over a period of time. Unlike polyphosphates, ScaleSafe is unaffected by high temperatures, providing superior treatment for water fed equipment. ScaleStick cartridges fit standard 10″ filter housings, allowing them to be used in existing applications.  

Note: Where standard HydroBlend systems utilize flow-thru medial deliver heads, the ScaleStick based systems use standard filter heads to dispense the product.

ScaleStick Applications
Coffee & Espresso MachinesReverse Osmosis Systems
SteamersMisting Systems
Ice MachinesBread Proofer

SS-DIS ScaleStick Insert Short 0.2-1 GPM
SS-DIT ScaleStick Insert Tall , 0.2-1 GPM
SS-10 ScaleStick SS-10 w/ HydroBlend™ Filter Cartridge

TAC Replacement Cartridges

TAC GroupHard water is made up of calcium ions (Ca2+), magnesium ions (Mg2+), and bicarbonate ions (HCO3-). TAC filters use a template assisted crystallization process, or TAC process which transforms these dissolved ions into non-charged, neutral chemical bonds, of calcium and magnesium crystals. The microscopic crystals of scale quickly form in treated water and cannot attach to pipes or any surface, and are rinsed away downstream in a colloidal suspension by the water flow. Due to their resistance against heat, the crystals are unable to revert to their dissolved state.

TAC Filter Benefits
Scale is virtually eliminatedAids in removing existing scale
No costly repairs to appliancesNo salt
Saves waterNo electricity

TAC-2510 TAC-2510 10 x 2.5 Anti-Scale Replacement Cartridge for ScaleNet/OneFlow
TAC-2520 TAC-2520 20 x 2.5 Anti-Scale Replacement Cartridge for ScaleNet/OneFlow
TAC-4510 TAC-4510 10 x 4.5 Anti-Scale ScaleNet Replacement Cartridge
TAC-4520 TAC-4520 20 x 4.5 Anti-Scale Replacement Cartridge for ScaleNet/OneFlow/H2Flow

Pentek Hexametaphosphate Cartridges

Hexametaphosphate Cartridges GroupPentek PCC Series filter cartridges contain food-grade hexametaphosphate that dissolve slowly in water to inhibit scale and rust build-up. They are effective for treating scale, corrosion and iron problems for up to six months at various flow rates and feed concentrations. All materials are FDA grade. 

PCC Applications
Coffee MachinesVending Machines
Food Service EquipmentWater Heaters
Air Conditioning EquipmentIce Machines

FC-PS010 9-3/4 x 2-5/8 Phosphate Cartridge 1 lb
155632-22 Pentek PCC-106 Hexametaphosphate Cartridge Insert
155100-43 Pentek PCC-1 Hexametaphosphate Cartridge for #10 Standard Housing


HydroBlend GroupAn NSF approved drinking water additive, HydroBlend is a unique product manufactured to provide superior mineral scale prevention and corrosion control by feeding a special blend of scale control compounds into the water stream. The specially designed cartridge releases HydroBlend at a constant rate, resulting in a consistent scale and corrsion control for predictable periods of time. Unlike regular phosphates, HydroBlend is unaffected by high temperature water, enabling it to provide effective treatment for Tankless Water Heaters and Conventional Water Heaters. No electricity, maintenance, or guess work is required.

HydroBlend Applications
Residential Whole HouseRO Pretreatment
Convenience Store POEFast Food Restaurant POE

RSC-5-HW HydroBlend RSC-5-HW 5 Replacement Scale Control Cartridge
SC-605-HW HydroBlend SC-605-HW 5 Scale Control Filter System
RSC-10-HW HydroBlend RSC-10-HW 10 Replacement Scale Control Cartridge
SC-610-HW HydroBlend SC-610-HW 10 Scale Control Filter System for Tankless Water Heaters
HBW HydroBlend HBW WareWash Filter System