Liquatec Corporation offers filtration solutions for industrial processes. Liquatec SPF pleated filters, sediment, and string wound filters are used widely as prefiltration for reverse osmosis systems and in postfiltration. They are also used in applications such as ice machines, film processing, beverage and coffee services, wineries, and many others. For help selecting your Liquatec replacement water filters, contact our customer service agents by calling 1-877-335-3339 or click on the "Chat Now" button below. 



Liquatec SPF Series Polyester Pleated FiltersLiquatec SPF Series Polyester Pleated Filters
Pleated Polyester SPF Series Liquatec Filters
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Liquatec SDF Series Sediment FiltersLiquatec SDF Series Sediment Filters
Quality Series SDF Liquatec Sediment Filters
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Liquatec SWF Series String Wound FiltersLiquatec String Wound SWF Filters
A cost effective solution for the reduction of sand, silt, rust, dirt and scale particles
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Liquatec LX Series Industrial Depth FiltersLiquatec LX Series Filters
Liquatec Industrial Depth / Higher Efficiency Series Filters
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Neo-Pure PS-27097-30 9-3/4" Standard Efficiency Pleated Filter 30 micronNeo-Pure PS-27097-30 9-3/4