Viruses in Water

Source of Viruses in Water: Viruses are infectious organisms which range in size from 10 to 25 nanometers, making them invisible to the human eye. There are over 100 types of enteric viruses, which are infectious to humans. These viruses are generally introduced into the water through animal or human fecal matter. The US EPA has established an MCL that states that municipalities must have 99.99% reduction or inactivation of the viruses. Well owners or those who get water from surface water are especially at risk for contracting viruses from drinking water. 

Symptoms of Viruses: Each virus may have different symptoms. Here are a few that may be communicated through drinking water:
Enteroviruses: Polio, aseptic meningitis, and encephalitis
Reoviruses: Upper respiratory and gastrointestinal illness
Rotaviruses: Gastroenteritis
Adenoviruses: Upper respiratory and gastrointestinal illness
Hepatitis A: Infectious hepatitis
Norwalk-type: Gastroenteritis

Water Treatment for Viruses: Chemical oxidation can be used to remove viruses from drinking water; chlorine and ozone are used by many municipalities to kill viruses in water. However, these chemicals and processes can be difficult for residential homes, further, chlorine can produce harmful chemical by-products. UV water purification will work to effectively disable viruses, preventing them from reproducing and causing illness. Ultrafiltation and ceramic filtration rated at 1 micron absolute will be able to reduce the presence of these harmful viruses as well. Hikers and campers should carry hand-held UV treatment systems designed to "zap" these dangerous viruses if they are planning on drinking surface water from lakes or streams.


Viqua 310110-R SteriPEN Ultra Water PurifierViqua 310110-R SteriPEN Ultra Water Purifier
Part Number: 310110-R
SteriPen Ultra's Features:
  • Choice of how much water you want to purify
  • Simple display with battery and purification information
  • Purifies up to 8000 liters
  • Works in 48 seconds
  • Reduces Bacteria, Viruses, and Protazoa
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SteriPEN Journey LCD Water PurifierSteriPEN Journey LCD Water Purifier
Part Number: JY-RP
SteriPen Journey's LCD Features:
Same functions as the "Classic" but offers an LCD screen that displays:
  • Choice of how much water you want to purify
  • Battery status
  • Countdown timer
  • Number of uses
  • Lamp usage
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AquaCera HCP Countertop Ceramic Water Filter SystemAquaCera W9332220 HCP Countertop Ceramic Filter System
Part Number: W9332230
  • Applications: Drinking Water System
  • Contaminants Reduced: Bacteria, Bad Odors, Bad Taste, Chloramine, Chlorine, Cysts, Lead, Sediment, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs)
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Neo-Pure TL3 Ultrafiltration SystemNeo-Pure TL3 Ultrafiltration System
Part Number: TL3-KIT
  • Hollow fiber membrane filters to 0.025 micron
  • Operates at a minimum water pressure of 30 psi
  • Twice the flow rate of comparable UF systems
  • Great for applications with multiple points of use
  • Shut off valves built into heads allow you to replace filters without turning off the water
  • Applications: Drinking Water System
  • Contaminants Reduced: Bacteria, Bad Odors, Bad Taste, Chlorine, Cysts, Lead, Sediment, Turbidity (cloudiness)
  • Filter Capacity: Carbon Block: 500 gallons or 6 mos. UF Membrane: 1000 gallons or 1 year Gallons
  • Flow Rate: 1.0 gpm
  • Certifications: Meets NSF Standard 42 & 53, WQA Gold Seal
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