Nickel in Water

Nickel in waterSource of Nickel in Water: Small amounts of nickel (Ni) are often found in groundwater supplies because of its presence in rocks. Nickel is used in the manufacturing of certain electronics and other household items, and its presence may also be a sign of industrial pollution. The most common source of nickel in drinking water is from leaching pipes and fittings. This can often be the sign of some other, more dangerous contaminant which is causing the pipes to leach.

Symptoms of Nickel: People exposed to high levels of nickel often work in industrial situations where it is used to manufacture consumable goods. Exposure to high levels in drinking water can cause some people to experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, and shortness of breath. 

Filtration Solutions for Nickel: Since the presence of nickel can be caused by other corrosive contaminants, tap water should first be tested to see if nickel is just one of the contaminants in your drinking water. Reverse osmosis systems will filter out 97-98% of nickel from drinking water. Ion exchange is also an option for removing nickel.