Ammonia in Water

Source of Ammonia in Water: Ammonia (NH₃) is a colorless, gaseous compound with a sharp distinctive odor. It is the natural product of decay of organic nitrogen compounds, and it is important to plant and animal life. Ammonia in surface and tap water supplies is often a result of runoff in agricultural areas where fertilizer has been applied. High levels of ammonia in drinking water are not usually found in well water supplies because bacteria in the soil convert the ammonia to nitrates, a different type of contaminant. Toxic levels of ammonia in water are generally a result of improper waste disposal. 

Symptoms of Ammonia Exposure: Long-term exposure to ammonia from drinking water is quite unlikely, as ammonia will often break down in the water. However, toxic amounts of ammonia can lead to bone and kidney damage. Some studies have also found that these toxic levels can be harmful to the reproductive system. 

Filtration Solutions for Ammonia: Because harmful levels of ammonia in drinking water are unlikely, it is best to first test the drinking water before seeking out treatment solutions. Ammonia water treatment generally consists of destroying it chemically by chlorination. Initially this type water treatment reaction forms chloramine, and must be completely broken down before there is chlorine residual. Organic contaminants in the waste stream will be destroyed by the chlorine before it will react with the ammonia in water. Ammonia can also be removed and treated by cation exchange resin. If you are concerned about ammonia levels in your drinking water, call one of our Certified Water Specialists at 1-877-335-3339


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