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Neo-Pure SBJ170 Replacement Filters

Neo-Pure RO-4300RX System
YESCOM 5 Stage RO System

Step 1. Sediment Pre-Filter

✔ 2.5 in diameter = More filter surface area
✔ 6.4 oz = more media
✔ NSF certified
✔ FDA Approved

 • 2.3 in diameter = less filter surface area
 • 3.2 oz = less media
Step 2. GAC Media✔ 13.6 oz = more media • 10.4 oz = less media

Step 3.
Carbon Block
✔ Made in the USA
✔ NSF Certified
✔ 13.6 oz = more media
 • Made in China
 • 11.2 oz = less media
Step 4. Membrane
✔ Made in the USA
✔ NSF Certified
 • Made in China
Step 5. Post Filter✔ Made in the USA
✔ Push Button Water Quality Monitor*
 • No way to monitor quality

*The Neo-Pure RO-4300Rx features a dual probe comparative monitor, which accurately assess the membrane performance and alerts you when the membrane needs to be replaced. This percentage rejection water quality monitor provides your family peace of mind at the touch of a button. 

Neo-Pure RO-4300Rx System Manual


The Neo-Pure RO-4300RX is a vastly superior reverse osmosis system. This pharmacy trusted system is made in the USA and constructed of the highest quality materials, ensuring safe and clean drinking water for your family.

RO-4300RX Neo-Pure RO-4300RX Pharmacy Trusted Residential RO System
RO-4300RX-DLX Neo-Pure RO-4300RX-DLX Deluxe Pharmacy Trusted High Efficiency Alkaline RO System

Stage 1: Sediment Prefilter

Removes larger particulates such as dirt, rust, and sand from water.

Stage 2: GAC Activated Carbon

Removal of chlorine and detergents, as well as taste and odor management.

GAC-10 9-3/4 GAC-10 Coconut Shell GAC Filter

Stage 3: CTO Coconut Shell Carbon Block Filter

Enhances the reduction of pesticides, herbicides, and other organic contaminants.

Stage 4: Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Rejects Inorganic Dissolved Solids, such as salts and calcium, to a rejection rate of 98%.

200359 AXEON TFM-50 TFC Residential RO Membrane 50 GPD

Stage 5: Inline GAC Coconut Shell Carbon Post Filter

Creates a fresh path through carbon to the faucet for taste and odor enhancement.

K2540-SS Omnipure K2533-SS/K2540-SS Inline Coconut Shell Carbon GAC Filter 5 mic - 10 x 2 1/4 Elbow QC Filter


FCT-303 303 Series Drinking Water Faucet
As low as
ROT-3.2-P PAE TP-12P Reverse Osmosis Plasteel Storage Tank 3.2 Gal