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"I can’t say enough about Fresh Water Systems and their commitment to customer service. They found the factory settings on our softeners were incorrect. Testing our water and giving us, the correct softener settings reduced our salt consumption by 80%. I discovered Fresh Water offered us significant savings on our filters as well, and I would not buy from anyone else. I highly recommend them."

Chris Trotter, Trotter Holdings, Anderson S.C.

10" Length Carbon and Sediment Filters

Neo-Pure filters are an economical solution for sediment and chlorine reduction that delivers exceptional performance. USA made carbon blocks are produced with eco-friendly activated coconut shell for superior adsorption. Sediment depth filters are available in a variety of micron ratings, featuring a multi-zone layer that maximizes filter life by removing particulates from the outer layer to the inner core.

20" Length Carbon and Sediment Filters

UV Systems and Replacement Parts

UV disinfection is Chemical Free, tasteless and odorless, making it an ideal choice to control bio growth in the ice machine and water dispensing components.

UV lamps lose their intensity to kill bacteria and viruses after 9000 hrs (375 days). UV sleeves should be kept clean to allow UV light penetration. 

The ballast powers the supply and energizes the germicidal lamp for disinfection and is prone to failure from power surges as well as the cold and humid environment of the ice house.

S5Q-PV Viqua S5Q-PV Silver Series UV System Powered by Sterilight 6 gpm
H00311 IHA H00311 UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for S5Q-PA/SSM-24
254NM-S1 Sterilight UV Sensor Assembly 254NM-S1 for SSM-14, SSM-17, SSM-24, SSM-37
BA-ICE-SM Sterilight BA-ICE-SM Monitored Ballast for PLUS models 100-240V
BA-ICE-V Sterilight BA-ICE-V Electronic Ballast for Vending models, 100-250V/50-60Hz

Water Softening Equipment and Accessories

Proper maintenance is crucial to the function of water softeners. Water supplies with iron or manganese requires resin cleaner. Adjusting the softener valve settings to match onsite water conditions will optimize performance and likely reduce salt and water consumption.

CGS-100 Resintech CGS-100 1 cu ft Standard Mesh Resin
RK41N ResCare® Liquid Resin Cleaner - 1 gal.

Reverse Osmosis Components

Additional replacement parts for the R13-1200 Reverse Osmosis are available via special order. Fresh Water Systems also has other Reverse Osmosis systems, please contact us! 

MB-25200-05 Neo-Pure MB-25200-05 20 Polypropylene Sediment Depth Filter 5 mic
As low as
201987 Reverse Osmosis Membrane for Watts R13 Series RO System 600 gpd
H684 Marathon Electric 871 NEMA 48YZ Frame RO/Carbonator Motor 1/2 HP 100-120V/230V AC
112A140F11XX Procon Pump NSF Brass w/ .188 Double Flat Drive 140 GPH 3/8 NPT
1113 Procon V-Band Clamp
Procon V-Band Clamp
Mfg # IHA - H05221
FWS # 1113

Water Test Kits, Santizing Kits & Cleaners

Periodically checking water conditions and system performance prevents unscheduled service.

145300 Hach 145300 Total Hardness Kit
TDS-3 HM Digital TDS-3 Handheld TDS Meter With Thermometer
SANISYSTEM-24PK Sani System - Box of 24
Sani System - Box of 24
Mfg # IHA - X00496
27552-50 Hach 2755250 5-in-1 Water Quality Test Strips (Pack of 50)
481197 Waterworks 481197 Coliform Bacteria Check
Waterworks 481197 Coliform Bacteria Check
Mfg # IHA - X00112
FWS # 481197
PT752-50 Free Chlorine Water Check (Bottle of 50)
Free Chlorine Water Check (Bottle of 50)
Mfg # IHA - H01428
FWS # PT752-50

Filter Housings and Accessories

FH4200BL12PR 10 Slim Line Filter Housing Blue Sump/Black Boss Cap 1/2 W/ PR
FH4200BL34PR 10 Slim Line Filter Housing Blue Sump/Black Boss Cap 3/4 PR
FM25W-KIT Mounting Bracket with Hardware for 10 & 20 Large Diameter Filter Housing
WOR-FF O-Ring for 10 & 20 Watts Full Flow Housings
O-Ring for 10" & 20" Watts Full Flow Housings
Mfg # IHA - X00533
111-53 Dow Molykote 111 O-Ring Silicone Lubricant - 5.3 Oz. Tube
WR500 Filter Wrench - Flowmatic Full-Flow Series 10 & 20

Solenoid Valves

Normally closed solenoid valves with NPT female ports open when electrical current is applied and return to the closed position when no current is present. This solenoid valve is a quality replacement for the older style water dispenser. 

C9-212N3150-G0-24VAC CFA C9 Series Solenoid Valve Normally Closed 3/8 FPT 24VAC
CFA C9 Series Solenoid Valve Normally Closed 3/8" FPT 24VAC
Mfg # IHA- H01109
FWS # C9-212N3150-G0-24VAC