Selecto SMF Series Filtration Systems


Selecto SMF ICE Modular Filtration SystemsSelecto SMF NanoSmart  Filtarion Systems
Advanced ultrafiltration technology incorporates proprietary nano-alumina fibers with unique electrostatic properties to inhibit scale formation and remove particulate down to 0.025 microns.
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Selecto SMF NanoSmart Filtration SystemsSelecto SMF NanoSmart Filtration Systems
Selecto SMF NanoSmart Filtration Systems
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Selecto SMF SteamerGUARD Flash Filtration SystemsSMF SteamerGUARD Flash Filtration Systems
Selecto SMF SteamerGUARD Flash Filtration Systems
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Selecto SMF CoffeePRO 108-014-CP Replacement CartridgeSelecto SMF CoffeePRO 108-014-CP Replacement Cartridge
Part Number: 108-014-CP
Selecto SMF CoffeePRO 108-010CP Replacement Filter for Medium Volume Coffee Application.
  • Certifications: NSF 42, NSF 53
  • Filter Media: Hollow Carbon
  • Capacity: 75,000 Gallons
  • Country of Origin: USA
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MSRP: $240.84