TGI Pure CT-445 & CT-445P Four Stage RO System Replacements

The TGI Pure CT-445 Countertop Reverse Osmosis System requires 4 replacement filters. The Inline Sediment filter traps dirt, rust and sand particles down to 5 microns. The second is a Granular Activated Carbon filter that removes chlorine and organic materials. The water is then forced through the semipermeable membrane, leaving unwanted substances behind. The final polisher removes odor and gas which eliminates bad taste. 

For a quick reference of the filters that are needed please see the table below. There you will find the Manufactures part numbers as well as the replacement filters offered by Fresh Water Systems.

StageDescriptionFWS Part #MFG Part #
 1Inline Sediment filter 5 micK2505-SSFI-SED006S
 2Granular Activated Carbon filter 5 micK2540-SS555694-00
 3RO Membrane 36 GPD200358TF-1812-35
 4Inline Granular Activated Carbon PostfilterK2533-SSFI-CBA010S

TGI Pure CT-445 & CT-445P Specifications