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John Guest

John Guest Plastic Half Cartridge - 3/8 White Bag of 10 O-ring

Part Number: PP2812W:10PK
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The John Guest Plastic Half Cartridge provides a quick, efficient and easy way of securing a Speedfit push-in connection into a wide variety of original equipment. As the cartridge requires low insertion loads it is suitable for many different housing materials.

This Half Cartridge includes the following three components:
  • A gray collet or gripper
  • An EPDM o-ring
  • A gray plastic body with stainless steel teeth.
As with all Speedfit products, the push-in connection can be used on plastic or soft metal tubes in both inch and metric sizes. The cartridges are suitable for a very wide selection of original equipment including manifolds and multi-connection points and, because they are produced in food grade materials, Drinks Dispense and Water Purification equipment.

As Plastic Half Cartridges are intended for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers they are only supplied in bulk quantities.

Part # Tubing Size Color/Material O-Ring Material # of
PM2804S 5/32" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 1
PM2804S2 5/32" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 2
PI2808S 1/4" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 1
PI2808W 1/4" OD White/Acetal Nitrile 1
PCI2808S 1/4" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 1
PI2808S2 1/4" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 2
PI2808W2 1/4" OD White/Acetal Nitrile 2
PCI2808S2 1/4" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 2
PM2808S 5/16" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 1
PM2808W 5/16" OD White/Acetal Nitrile 1
PCM2808S 5/16" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 1
PM2808S2 5/16" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 2
PM2808W2 5/16" OD White/Acetal Nitrile 2
PCM2808S2 5/16" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 2
PI2812S 3/8" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 1
PI2812W 3/8" OD White/Acetal Nitrile 1
PCI2812S 3/8" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 1
PI2812S2 3/8" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 2
PI2812W2 3/8" OD White/Acetal Nitrile 2
PCI2812S2 3/8" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 2
PI2816S 1/2" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 1
PCI2816S 1/2" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 1
PI2816S2 1/2" OD Gray/Acetal Nitrile 2
PCI2816S2 1/2" OD Gray/Acetal EPDM 2
PCI2820 1/2" CTS
(5/8" OD)
Gray/Acetal EPDM 1
PCI2828 3/4" CTS
(7/8" OD)
Gray/Acetal EPDM 1
PM2806E 6mm OD Black/Acetal Nitrile 1
PM2806E2 6mm OD Black/Acetal Nitrile 2
PCM2806E 6mm OD  Black/Acetal  EPDM 
PCM2808E 8mm OD  Black/Acetal  EPDM 
PM2808E 8mm OD Black/Acetal Nitrile 1
PM2808E2 8mm OD Black/Acetal Nitrile 2
PM2810E 10mm OD Black/Acetal Nitrile 1
PM2810E2 10mm OD Black/Acetal Nitrile 2
California residents Prop 65 Warning
This product contains materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov