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Electrolux Pure Advantage EWF01 Refrigerator Water Filter

Part Number: EWF01
Alt. Part Number: FC300
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The Electrolux EWF01 Pure Advantage Ice and Water Filter fits all Electrolux brand refrigerators.* Enjoy fresher tasting water and ice, while reducing your impact on the environment.

* Will not fit Electrolux ICON side-by-side models.

  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor
  • Reduces 99.99% of cysts
  • Reduces 99.3% of lead
  • Reduces herbicides and pesticides
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53
  • Replace every 6 months or 400 gallons, whichever comes first
Additional Part Numbers

FC300, 218732216, 218732316, 241932301, 241988703, ELUXCOMBO, EWF2CB02, PS2369689, 176810, 176811

Fits in fridge models:
FrigidaireEI27BS26JW0, EI27BS26JW1, EI28BS36IB0, EI28BS36IB1, EI28BS36IB2, EI28BS36IS0, EI28BS36IS1, EI28BS36IS2, EI28BS36IS3, EI28BS36IW0, EI28BS36IW1, EI28BS36IW2, EI28BS51IB0, EI28BS51IB1, EI28BS51IB2, EI28BS51IS0, EI28BS51IS1, EI28BS51IS2, EI28BS51IS3, EI28BS51IW0, EI28BS51IW1, EI28BS51IW2, EI28BS56IB1, EI28BS56IB2, EI28BS56IB3, EI28BS56IB4, EI28BS56IB5, EI28BS56IB6, EI28BS56IS1, EI28BS56IS2, EI28BS56IS3, EI28BS56IS4, EI28BS56IS5, EI28BS56IS6, EI28BS56IS7, EI28BS56IW1, EI28BS56IW2, EI28BS56IW3, EI28BS56IW4, EI28BS56IW5, EW23BC71IB1, EW23BC71IB2, EW23BC71IB3, EW23BC71IB4, EW23BC71IB6, EW23BC71IB7, EW23BC71IS1, EW23BC71IS2, EW23BC71IS3, EW23BC71IS4, EW23BC71IS5, EW23BC71IS6, EW23BC71IS7, EW23BC71IW1, EW23BC71IW2, EW23BC71IW3, EW23BC71IW4, EW23BC71IW6, EW23BC71IW7, EW23CS65GB0, EW23CS65GB1, EW23CS65GB2, EW23CS65GB3, EW23CS65GB4, EW23CS65GS0, EW23CS65GS1, EW23CS65GS2, EW23CS65GS3, EW23CS65GS4, EW23CS65GW0, EW23CS65GW1, EW23CS65GW2, EW23CS65GW3, EW23CS65GW4, EW23CS70IB0, EW23CS70IB1, EW23CS70IB2, EW23CS70IB3, EW23CS70IS0, EW23CS70IS1, EW23CS70IS2, EW23CS70IS3, EW23CS70IW0, EW23CS70IW1, EW23CS70IW2, EW23CS70IW3, EW23SS65HB0, EW23SS65HB1, EW23SS65HB2, EW23SS65HB3, EW23SS65HB4, EW23SS65HB5, EW23SS65HS0, EW23SS65HS1, EW23SS65HS2, EW23SS65HS3, EW23SS65HS4, EW23SS65HS5, EW23SS65HS6, EW23SS65HW0, EW23SS65HW1, EW23SS65HW2, EW23SS65HW3, EW23SS65HW4, EW23SS65HW5, EW26SS65GB0, EW26SS65GB1, EW26SS65GB2, EW26SS65GB3, EW26SS65GB4, EW26SS65GS0, EW26SS65GS1, EW26SS65GS2, EW26SS65GS3, EW26SS65GS4, EW26SS65GW0, EW26SS65GW1, EW26SS65GW2, EW26SS65GW3, EW26SS65GW4, EW26SS70IB0, EW26SS70IB1, EW26SS70IB2, EW26SS70IB3, EW26SS70IS0, EW26SS70IS1, EW26SS70IS2, EW26SS70IS3, EW26SS70IW0, EW26SS70IW1, EW26SS70IW2, EW26SS70IW3, EW28BS71IB1, EW28BS71IB2, EW28BS71IB3, EW28BS71IB4, EW28BS71IB5, EW28BS71IB6, EW28BS71IB8, EW28BS71IS1, EW28BS71IS2, EW28BS71IS3, EW28BS71IS4, EW28BS71IS5, EW28BS71IS6, EW28BS71IS7, EW28BS71IS8, EW28BS71IW1, EW28BS71IW2, EW28BS71IW3, EW28BS71IW4, EW28BS71IW5, EW28BS71IW6, EW28BS71IW8, E23BC68JPS0, E23BC68JPS1, E23BC68JSS0, E23BC68JSS1, E23BC78IPS1, E23BC78IPS2, E23BC78IPS3, E23BC78IPS4, E23BC78IPS5, E23BC78IPS6, E23BC78ISS4, E23BC78ISS5, E23BC78ISS6, EI23BC36IB1, EI23BC36IB2, EI23BC36IS0, EI23BC36IS1, EI23BC36IS2, EI23BC36IS3, EI23BC36IW0, EI23BC36IW1, EI23BC36IW2, EI23BC51IB0, EI23BC51IB1, EI23BC51IB2, EI23BC51IS0, EI23BC51IS1, EI23BC51IS2, EI23BC51IS3, EI23BC51IW0, EI23BC51IW1, EI23BC51IW2, EI23BC56IB1, EI23BC56IB2, EI23BC56IB3, EI23BC56IB4, EI23BC56IB6, EI23BC56IS1, EI23BC56IS2, EI23BC56IS3, EI23BC56IS4, EI23BC56IS5, EI23BC56IS6, EI23BC56IW1, EI23BC56IW2, EI23BC56IW3, EI23BC56IW6, EI23CS55GB0, EI23CS55GB1, EI23CS55GB2, EI23CS55GB3, EI23CS55GB4, EI23CS55GB5, EI23CS55GB6, EI23CS55GS0, EI23CS55GS1, EI23CS55GS2, EI23CS55GS3, EI23CS55GS4, EI23CS55GS5, EI23CS55GS6, EI23CS55GW0, EI23CS55GW1, EI23CS55GW2, EI23CS55GW3, EI23CS55GW4, EI23CS55GW5, EI23CS55GW6, EI23SS55HB0, EI23SS55HB1, EI23SS55HS0, EI23SS55HS1, EI23SS55HW0, EI23SS55HW1, EI26SS55GB0, EI26SS55GB1, EI26SS55GB2, EI26SS55GB3, EI26SS55GB4, EI26SS55GB5, EI26SS55GS0, EI26SS55GS1, EI26SS55GS2, EI26SS55GS3, EI26SS55GS4, EI26SS55GS5, EI26SS55GW0, EI26SS55GW1, EI26SS55GW2, EI26SS55GW3, EI26SS55GW4, EI26SS55GW5, EI27BS26JB0, EI27BS26JB1, EI27BS26JS0, EI27BS26JS1
California residents Prop 65 Warning
This product contains materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov