Watts Premier 9" pH Balancing Ceramic Filter

1/4-inch Quick Connect Fittings
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Watts Premier 9" pH Balancing Ceramic Filter

The Watts Premier 9" pH Balancing Ceramic Filter is composed of functional mineral that not only help increase the pH in the water at a consistent level, but will also improve the water taste by releasing healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium into your water. This filter contains multiple filtration stages including far infared, mineral stones, re-mineral phase, and pH phase providing perfectly balanced proportions of enriched minerals necessary for healthy great tasting water.

These layers include:
  1. Sediment filter to reduce any silt, sediment, or particulate
  2. Mineral filter, designed for a balanced slow release of calcium and magnesium
  3. pH balancing alkalinization through specially formulated alkaline ceramic media
  4. Activated ceramic phase for Far-infared release and activation of the water
  5. Coral media for pH balancing, mineral extraction and improved taste
  6. Final sediment filter

The Watts Premier pH Balancing Ceramic Filter contains the filter and two 1/4" or 3/8" QC union fittings. The filter should be placed after the membrane and before the holding tank on your reverse osmosis system. The pH Balance Ceramic Filter should not be used as a stand alone filter. The more contact time that the water has with the media, the more effective the filter will be at producing alkaline water.

Note: The inlet connection is the outer fitting and the outlet is the center fitting.

Filter Specifications
Alkaline Water Filter, pH Correction
Includes two 1/4" quick connect union fittings
1/4" QC, 3/8" QC
Watts Premier
10-1/2" (26.7 cm)
Operating Conditions
35 - 100 psi
0.5 gpm
39 - 100 °F
Filter Life
6 months
Materials of Construction
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