Everpure Wrap ScaleStick SSW-10 w/HydroBlend™ Cartridge

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NSF Certified  Made in USA 

Use with the SWS-10 Sediment Wrap or the CWS-10 Carbon Block Wrap

Part Number: EV9799-04
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Everpure EV9799-04 Wrap ScaleStick SSW-10 Filter Cartridge

The Everpure EV9799-04 Wrap ScaleStick SSW-10 filter prevents limescale build-up while providing corrosion protection for water fed equipment including coffee and espresso machines, proofers, combi-ovens, steamers, ice machines, reverse osmosis systems, distillers, misting systems, instant-hot water dispensers.

Hydroblend Filter Media. The EV9799-04 features Hydroblend media that inhibits mineral scale deposits and limescale build-up, promoting a longer cartridge life.

Designed for the CWS-10 and SWS-10. The SSW-10 is designed to be used with the CWS-10 carbon block filter wrap and/or the SWS-10 sediment filter wrap to combine sediment filtration as well as chlorine reduction with the scale control of the Hydroblend media of the ScaleStick into one compact unit.

Translucent Filter Cartridge. The SSW-10 boasts a translucent cartridge, allowing for simple visual monitoring of usage and ensures no premature cartridge replacements.

Unaffected by High Temperature Applications. Unlike scale control additives (polyphosphates), the Hydroblend media can withstand high temperatures, making the SSW-10 usable in a wide variety of applications.

Simple Operation. The SSW-10 requires no electricity and no maintenance, which means no guess work for you!

The SSW-10 Filter Cartridge fits all current SR-X Feeder and standard 10" housings.

NOTE: Wrap ScaleStick cartridges are shorter than standard ScaleStick cartridges and do not have the o-band seal. They cannot be installed without the special filter wraps. Standard ScaleStick cartridges cannot be installed into filter wraps.

Everpure Wrap ScaleStick SSW-10 w/HydroBlend EV9799-04 Cartridge Specifications

NSF 42
9-9/16 (24.28 cm)
Materials of Construction
HydroBlend HW Scale Control Media
Filter Life
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
Scale Inhibitor
Operating Conditions
0.1 - 6.0 gpm
MAX 150 °F
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