Neo-Pure Whole House Sediment Filter, 4-1/2" x 20", Model MBGC-45200-05 (5 Micron)

Neo-Pure MBGC-45200-05 4-1/2-inch x 20-inch Grooved Polypropylene Sediment Filter 5 MicShow Picture 1Show Picture 2Show Picture 3
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Part Number: MBGC-45200-05
Alt. Part Number: SDG-45-2005, MGB-45200-05
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Neo-Pure Whole House Sediment Filter, 4-1/2" x 20", Model MBGC-45200-05 (5 Micron):

The Neo-Pure Whole House Sediment Filter, Model MBGC-45200-05, is a 4.5"-Diameter cartridge, and is compatible with large-capacity whole-house filter housings such as the 3M/Aqua-Pure AP801-2 and the Pentair-Pentek Big Blue #20. Incoming water is filtered via depth filtration through a thick shell of 100% meltblown polypropylene media about a rigid polypropylene core. 

The grooved filter membrane yields larger surface area for prolonged filter life, ensuring maximum capacity (up to 6 months, depending on usage and quality of incoming water). The end caps provide a tight seal to minimize bypass of incoming water, again ensuring optimal performance for clear, purified water.

The Neo-Pure 20" x 4.5" filter is directly compatible with the AP810-2 filter. Neo-Pure prides itself in superior quality of construction, and is proud to offer a low-cost alternative to national brands with no sacrifice to efficiency.  

Note: The manufacturer is currently in the process of changing the part number of this filter from SDG-45-2005 to MBGC-45200-05. During this transition you may receive filters labeled SDG-45-2005, but the filters are identical.

Filter Life
The MBGC-45200-05 should be replaced every 6 months for maxim performance.

NSF Certified
NSF certified to Standard 42 for material safety only.

Compatible Replacement
100% compatible with the Aqua Pure AP810-2.

Dirt Holding Capacity. The NeoPure MBGC-45200-05 Grooved Filter features a 5 micron rating and is constructed of 100% pure grooved polypropylene. The polypropylene end caps and gasket improve sealing and eliminates bypass.
Maintains Equipment. The NeoPure MBGC-45200-05 is typically used as a pre-filter at the point of entry or before a water softener or UV system. By removing harsh contaminants before they reach your water filtration system it will prolong the life of your equipment.
Contaminant Reduction. The NeoPure MBGC-45200-05 Grooved Filter is designed to reduce particulates, sediment, dirt, and rust.
FDA Approved. The NeoPure MBGC-45200-05 is constructed of FDA approved materials making this filter safe for residential and commercial application.

NeoPure MBGC-45200-05 Compatible Filter Housings:

•Pentek Big Blue #20 Housings
•American Plumber (W2010-PR, W2015-PR)
•AquaPure™ (AP802, AP802-1.5, AP802T, AP802T-1.5, AP8021-C)
•Watts (FH5000BL, W10FFPH1CBPR, FH5000BB1PR, FH5000WW1PR)
Most other water filter housings that accept 20" x 4.5" filters.

Specification Sheets & Manuals

Neo-Pure is a brand of Neologic, Inc. Neo-Pure holds a diligent intention of being a trustworthy source for innovative, high-quality water filtration products at a reasonable cost. The health and well-being of you and your family are of utmost imporance; our aim is to provide, and be, nothing but the best. 
Also Compatible With:
Graver Technologies COAX5-20T
20" (50.8 cm)
4.5" (11.4 cm)
Materials of Construction
Filter Life
As needed
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
Particulates, Sediment/Dirt/Rust
5 µm
Operating Conditions
45 gpm
100 °F
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