UV Lamp for Pentek UV-120 and UVBB-120 #20-463

Part Number: 163512
Alt. Part Number: 20-463
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UV Lamp for Pentek UV-120 and UVBB-120 #20-463

Replacing your Pentek UV-120 or UVBB-120 Series Lamp every year is important to ensure consistent water quality. Though Pentek #20-463 compatible UV lamps rarely burn out, they will lose their ultraviolet effectiveness (disinfection power) over a 12 month period.

The Pentek #20-463 UV Lamp is the heart of the UV-120 and UVBB-120 systems, when prefiltration is effectively maintained. It is also important to replace your quartz sleeve if damaged or if it cannot be cleaned by non-abrasive methods.

If it is time to replace your Quartz Sleeve:

Compatible with:
  • Pentek UV-120-1 (163007)
  • Pentek UV-120-2 (163008)
  • Pentek UVBB-120-1 (163009)
  • Pentek UVBB-120-2 (163010)

Pentek UV Installation Manual

18.23 "
15 mm
10,000 hrs.
4 Pin
23 W
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