Watts Premier 531411 RO Pure RO-4 Reverse Osmosis System 50 gpd

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WQA Gold Seal 

Part Number: 531411
This item is no longer available. We have replaced it with:
Watts Premier 531417 RO Pure Plus Reverse Osmosis System 50 gpd

Watts Premier 531411 RO Pure RO-4 Reverse Osmosis System 50 gpd

The Watts Premier RO Pure RO-4 Reverse Osmosis System uses quick change filters eliminating the mess and difficulty associated with filter changes. There are check valves installed in the manifold between cartridges to prevent back-flow and shut off valves in each filter head that shuts off the water flow when cartridges are removed.

  • Cartridges connect and disconnect with the push of a button
  • Filter housings are eliminated. No mess during cartridge replacement
  • Internal valves shut off flow when cartridges are removed
  • Cartridges have double o-rings so they won't leak
  • Compact design, so the unit requires less space below your sink
  • All components are an integral part of the unit, requiring fewer tube connections
  • Back-flow prevention valves are installed between the elements
  • Includes a chrome top mount air gap faucet and 3 gallon storage tank

CONSUMER NOTE: We recommend the Watts Premier RO Pure Plus Reverse Osmosis System for a better and more effective water filtration system. For just an additional $10, you will receive the extra security and peace of mind in knowing that your water is even safer to drink; and the additional applications amount to a $50 increase in value! 

Certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI Standard 58
12 "
12 "
4 "
4 Stage
50 GPD
Quick Connect Fittings
Quick Change Cartridge
3 years on system (does not include tank)
50 gpd
3 Gallons
Operating Conditions
40 - 100 °F
40 - 85 psi
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