NRW37 DI Mixed Bed Resin Nuclear Grade 1 cu ft.

NRW37 Purolite

Model: NRW
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Purolite DI Mixed Bed Resin NRW Features:

Purolite's nuclear resins are processed under the most exacting specifications. These resins are specially purified with high percent conversions to their regenerated form and closely controlled particle sizes. Bead hardness averages over 400 grams in the regenerated forms. All of Purolite's nuclear products have whole perfect beads over 95%.

Purolite's nuclear products are used in ultra-pure water, radiation waste, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and condensate polishing. Our mixed bed resins may be used in polishers following other types of water processing. Our high grade of nuclear resins insures that the water processed is in fact the highest quality.

  • Purolite NRW-37 consists of Purolite NRW-400 (strong base type 1 anion) and Purolite NRW-100 (strong acid cation) both in the regenerated form, mixed to a 1:1 chemical equivalent. Mixed bed resins can be used for regenerative or non-regenerative (cartridge) systems.
  • Purolite mixed bed nuclear resins are processed without declumping agents to insure that the quality obtained is nothing less than the best.

Purolite DI Mixed Bed Resin Technical Information

2.5*12 "
12 "
2.5 "
DI Mixed Bed
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