Upflow Non-Electric Catalytic Carbon Filter

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Made in USA 

Simple Non-Electric Catalytic Carbon Upflow filters for City Water

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1.0 cu ft, 8x35 tank
1.5 cu ft, 9x48 tank
2.0 cu ft, 10x54 tank
2.5 cu ft, 12x52 tank

Upflow Non-Backwashing Catalytic Carbon Filter Features:

The Upflow Non-Backwashing Catalytic Carbon Filters are a simple, low cost method for treating city water to reduce chloramine taste and odor, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine taste and odor. These upflow filters require no electricity and require no drain connections to operate. The water simply enters the tank down the center of the tank and comes up through the activated catalytic carbon media, lifting the media to prevent any channeling.

Centaur 12 x 40 is a liquid phase virgin activated coconut shell carbon that has been manufactured to develop catalytic functionality. The product is unique in that it concentrates reactants via adsorption and then promotes their reaction on the surface of the pores.

Upflow Non-Backwashing Catalytic Carbon Filter Benefits:

  • For city or municipal water applications
  • Reduces chloramine taste and odor, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine
  • Carbon prefilter for ScaleNet systems
  • No backwash
  • Saves water
  • No electricity
  • Easy installation

UPCCF Tank Specifications Chart:

Part Number
Tank Size
Pipe Size
Service Flow
Floor Space
UPCCF-0835 8 x 35
 1" 1.0 cu ft.
 2 - 6 gpm
 11 x 11 x 42
UPCCF-0948 9 x 48
 1" 1.5 cu ft.
 3 - 9 gpm
 12 x 12 x 42
UPCCF-1054 10 x 54
 1" 2.0 cu ft.
 4 - 12 gpm
 13 x 13 x 61
UPCCF-1252 12 x 52
 1" 2.5 cu ft.
 5 - 15 gpm
 15 x 15 x 59

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Specification Sheets & Manuals

Download an informative pdf about the Upflow Assembly Manual.
Download an informative pdf about Specifications for the Centaur 12x40.

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