eXact Strip Cyanide , 50 Tests - CLEARANCE

Part Number: 484003-CLR
Alt. Part Number: 484003
This item is obsolete and has no replacement from the manufacturer. Please contact one of our Certified Water Specialists to discuss replacement options.

eXact Strip Cyanide, 50 tests

These test kits have passed their expiration date and are not guaranteed by Fresh Water Systems or the manufacturer. However, the test is likely still valid.

The test procedure is as follows: add 2 ml sample to microcuvette, dip #1 ReagentStrip (adjusts the pH of the sample and converts cyanide to cyanogens chloride) for 30 seconds into sample, then dip #2 ReagentStrip (cyanogen chloride reacts with Isonicotinic and Dimethybarbituric acids to for a blue color) for 30 seconds. View #2 ReagentStrip for blue color to determine semi-quantitative concentration. After 10 minutes match color in cuvette to color chart for quantitative cyanide concentration. Color reading can also be made using a colorimeter or spectrophotometer for more precise determination. Detection sensitivity is 0.01 PPM (mg/L), with a range to 1.0 PPM. The DPD ReagentStrip Cyanide Kit is the quick and accurate solution for testing cyanide concentrations.

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