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9-3/4" Pentek CBC-10 Carbon Block-CTO/Cyst 0.5 mic Filter

Model: CBC-10
Part Number: 155162-43
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9-3/4" Pentek 155162-43 CBC-10 Carbon Block-Chlorine/Cyst 0.5 mic Filter Features:

Ametek/Pentek CBC Series filters are highly effective at reducing unwanted taste, odor and chlorine and cysts from potable drinking water. The unique structure of the carbon block enables it to reduce Giardia, Cryptosporidium cysts and fine sediment particles down to 0.5 microns. Ametek/Pentek CBC Series cartridges are manufactured using a patented process and made from FDA compliant materials.
  • Reduces chlorine/taste/odor (CTO) from drinking water
  • Effective at filtering 99% Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba, Toxoplasma and Giardia cysts
  • Made entirely of FDA-approved materials - Ideal choice for a wide range of residential, food service, commercial and industrial applications

9-3/4" Pentek 155162-43 CBC-10 Series Specifications

*NOTE: Not to be sold in California. CA requires any product listed for cyst removal, to be certified by the state of California. Pentek has not certified this filter. However, this filter performs as intended by the manufacturer.

Filter Specifications
Chlorine/Taste/Odor, Cyst
.5 µm
9-3/4" (24.8 cm)
Operating Conditions
2 gpm
12 psi @ 1 gpm psid
40-180 °F
Filter Life
20000 Gallons
6 to 12 Months
Materials of Construction
Carbon Block
NSF 42
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