Top Distributor Basket for Clack & Fleck Valves

Top Distributor Basket with 1.05-inch Riser Tube for Clack & FleckShow Picture 1Show Picture 2
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Part Number: DBT1050-BS
Alt. Part Number: D5120F, D1203,18280, TDB1050-BS
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Top Distributor Basket for Clack/Fleck/Autotrol

The Top Distributor Basket is a twist on style for Fleck, Clack, and Autotrol valves that fits a standard riser tube of 1.05" diameter. This top distributor basket is designed to prevent any of the media from exiting your mineral tank.

The segmented stack distributors have the ability to open up when backwashed, removing any possible fines that might accumulate on the distributor. The standard slot size is .010 to .013.

  • Compatible Brands: Fleck, Clack, and Autotrol
  • Fits Riser Tube: 1.05" diameter
  • Prevents Media from Exiting Mineral Tank

.05 lbs
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