ScaleNet TAC Media 1 Liter

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ScaleNet Media 1 Liter

This USA-Made ScaleNet Media has a life of 3 to 5 years based on hardness and chlorine levels. Prefiltration is also reccommended for hydrogen sulfide, iron, and manganese.

ScaleNet® is not a water softener. It does not add chemicals or remove any minerals. It is a scale prevention device with proven third party laboratory test data and years of successful Food Service and Commercial applications. ScaleNet is the intelligent scale solution as a great alternative to water softening (ion exchange) or scale sequestering devices.

The ScaleNet media also has a descaling effect on scale already present in old pipes, hardware, etc. The water coming from the media is free of calcium ions. Calcium ions in the already existing scale are attracted to this unsaturated water and add on to the crystals that are now floating in the water. This way existing scale is usually heavily reduced or removed within on to two months. In addition to preventing scale, ScaleNet also prevent corrosion.

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