HydroBlend SC-605-CW 5" Corrosion Control Filter System 3/4"

HydroBlend SC-605-CW 5-inch Corroison Control Filter System
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Made in USA 

Compact system for Corrosion Control for Hot Water Applications.

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HydroBlend SC-605-CW 5" Corrosion Control Filter System 3/4" Features:

The HydroBlend SC-605-HW 5" Corrosion Control Filter System is designed with simplicity and practicality in mind. There are no settings needed, no electricity required, and no guess working when the cartridges need replacement. When applied correctly, HydroBlend units will consistently feed product over the life of the the cartridge. Because of the translucent housing, a simple glance at the housing indicates when replacement is needed. Complete units include the flow-thru media delivery head, translucent housing, RSC-5-CW cartridge, mounting bracket, and filter wrench.

Unlike regular phosphates, HydroBlend is unaffected by high temperature water, enabling it to provide effective treatment for Tankless Water Heaters and Conventional Water Heaters.

  • Scale Prevention and Corrosion Control Providing Longer Equipment Life.
  • Less Water Related Service Calls Lowering Maintenance Costs.
  • Reduced Mineral Scale Deposits Lowering Operating Costs.
  • Applications: Residential Whole House, RO Pretreatment, Convenience Store POE, Fast Food Restaurant POE.

HydroBlend SC-605-CW Applications for Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters, & Boilers:

Prevention of scale build-up on heating elements, walls, and bottoms of water heaters is a must. According to the US Bureau of Standards, 1/4" of scale build-up on heating elements requires 55% more energy to attain the same temperature. This translates into real dollars wasted with an inefficient water heater, not to mention the added expense of repairing and replacing overworked water heaters due to scale build-up. This is especially true with tankless water heaters where mineral scale further reduces efficiencies. HydroBlend will not only prevent scale build-up, but also remove existing scale.

How HydroBlend SC-605-CW Works

For well water applications, please contact our technical support staff.

The chemical additives contained in Phos-HW, Phos-CW are Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 60 at a max. use level of 10 mg/L.
8-13/16 "
4-3/4 "
5 "
Corrosion Control
40,000 Gallons
1 - 4 gpm
3/4" FPT
HydroBlend CW Corrosion Control Media
Operating Conditions
Max 125 psi
Max 100 °F
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