Everpure EV9329-73 High Flow CSR Triple 7FC Filter System

EV9329-73 Everpure
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NSF Certified 

Part Number: EV9329-73
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Everpure EV9329-73 High Flow CSR Triple 7FC Filter System Features:

The Everpure EV9329-73 combination system is a single system solution to provide premium quality water for multiple forms of commercial equipment such as coffee brewers, espresso machines, hot chocolate dispensers, fountain and ice machines. 

  • System features three quick-change 7FC filter cartridges, a 20" coarse prefilter, and an SR-X Scale Reduction Feeder
  • New Fibredyne II meda with AgION antimicrobial protection inhibits any potential bacterial growth
  • 20" prefilter captures larger dirt particles and extends the life of the 7FC cartridges
  • SR-X feeder with SS-XL cartridge inhibits scale buildup in ice machines and coffee brewers
  • Manifold features water shut-off, flushing valve, inlet and outlet pressure gauges
  • Micro-Pure II filter media effectively kills many types of bacteria
  • Fibredyne II submicron technology reduces dirt and particles as small as 1/2 micron in size and reduces health contaminants such as cysts
  • Increases the overall efficiency of equipment
  • Sanitary cartridge replacement is simple, quick and clean
  • NSF certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53

Everpure Combination System Sizing Guidelines:

These guidelines are designed to give you approximately 6 months of use between filter cartridge changes. Variations in equipment usage and/or incoming water conditions can produce different results.

Everpure Filtration Systems
Fountain Ice Coffee and Tea
Description # of Carbonators lbs per day Pot Brewers Urns
High Flow CSR Triple MC21 <650 Up to 2 N/A
High Flow CSR Quad MC22 <650 Up to 2 1
High Flow CSR Plus XC23 651-1200 Up to 4 1
High Flow CSR Quad 4FC3 1201-1500 Up to 4 2
High Flow CSR Triple 7FC2 1201-1500 Up to 4 2
High Flow CSR Quad 7FC4+ 1501+ Multi Multi

Everpure EV9329-73 High Flow CSR Triple 7FC Filter System Specifications
Everpure EV9329-73 High Flow CSR Triple 7FC Filter System Warranty

25.59 "
30 "
6.75 "
Coffee System, Fountain Beverage System, Ice Filtration System
Bacteriostat Agent, Bad Odors, Bad Taste, Chlorine, Cysts, Particulate Class I, Scale, Sediment, Turbidity (cloudiness)
75,000 Gallons
0.5 µm
Max 7.5 gpm
3/4" FNPT Inlet/Outlet
Operating Conditions
10 - 125 psi
35 - 100 °F
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