MTN Products Nexus CT GCB 215I-SIP Bottleless Countertop POU Water Cooler

Nexus CT GCB 215I-SIP Bottleless Countertop Point of Use Water Cooler
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Nexus CT Bottleless Countertop Office Water Cooler with Built-in SIP Activation

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Part Number: GCB 215I-SIP
This item is no longer available. We have replaced it with:
Oasis POU1CCTHS Countertop Point of Use Water Cooler Hot & Cold

MTN Products CT GCB 215I-SIP Nexus Bottleless Countertop Point of Use Water Cooler

The MTN Products Nexus Bottleless Countertop Water Cooler features a stylish and contemporary appliance design. The elevated height and dispensing area of the GCB 215I-SIP makes it easy and convenient to fill both large and small containers. The SIP ozone water cooler sanitizer is integrated into the cooler for chemical-free sanitization of the cold water reservoir, keeping your drinking water free from bacteria, algae, mold and viruses.

  • Lighted spout and dispensing area
  • Hot/Cold temperature ready indicator lights
  • Safety lock function for hot and cold water
  • Fast flow electronic dispensing
  • Dual mechanical float
  • Includes Pressure Limiting Valve
  • UL Listed

The Nexus Countertop Cooler includes a water outlet port if you decide to mount the water filter system inside the cooler with a tee fitting. The water inlet port has been plumbed directly to the reservoir of the cooler. For ease of filter changes, we suggest the filter system be mounted outside the water cooler. 

iBoil - Increases the hot water temperature in the hot tank to nearly boiling when you need "hotter" water for coffee, tea, soups or noodles.
Accu-Temp - Proprietary dispensing system designed to serve drinking water at the proper temperature every time.
Stay-Cool - Keeps the residual water in the cold waterway chilled and ready to serve at all times.
SIP-Inside - SIP ozone sanitation system is integrated inside the water cooler and sanitizes the cold reservoir, waterways and faucets.

MTN Products GCB 215I-SIP Nexus Countertop POU Water Cooler Specifications
MTN Products GCB 215I-SIP Nexus Countertop POU Water Cooler Warranty
MTN Products GCB 2151-SIP Nexus Countertop Cooler Operation Manual
SIP Ozone Sanitizer Consumer Information Sheet

17.3 "
14.2 "
18.3 "
HDPE & ABS w/sheet metal structure
Stainless Steel
Chiller Specifications
Cooler Specifications
Hot Tank Switch
Limited 2 Year Warranty
UL Certified
Point of Use
Single Spigot
Operating Conditions
0.94 Gallons
40.9 °F
1.4 L
202.83 °F
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