eXact Micro 8 Advanced Photometer System Kit

486800-K Industrial Test Systems
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eXact Micro 8 Advanced Photometer System Kit

The eXact Micro 8 Advanced Photometer uses a patented method and technologies that offer faster, safer, easier, and more precise water testing. It offers ten modes which provide direct read capabilities for nine direct reads: cyanide, total iron, ferrous iron, ammonia, phosphate, BT-pH, sulfide – which allows for testing of an additional 12 parameters. That’s 19 parameters in all!  

  • USEPA compliant meter for free and total chlorine
  • Over 7 direct read parameters: cyanide, total iron, ferrous iron, ammonia, phosphate, BT-pH, sulfide
  • The ITS eXact Micro 8 Advanced Photometer System Kit proprietary optics allow for accurate testing with out cap
  • With built-in, permanent sample cell, simply fill or dip meter into water. 
  • No color matching necessary to diagnose test results
  • 140 test memory (saves last 20 tests per menu)
  • Automatic countdown timer
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Waterproof meter floats
  • No-slip grip housing
  • Environmentally friendly - uses 60% less chemicals than competitor's products
  • CE certification

  • eXact Micro 8 Advanced Photometer System Kit Statistics

    • Measurement method: Photometric
    • Programmed tests: Detection range
    1. Cyanide: 0.00-1.90 ppm
    2. Total iron: 0.00-7.5 ppm
    3. Iron ferrous: 0.00-7.5 ppm
    4. Ammonia: 0.00-2.00 ppm
    5. Phosphate: 0.00-4.0 ppm  
    6. BT-pH: 5.0-10.0 ppm 
    7. Sulfide: 0.01-0.70 ppm
    • Transmission mode tests: total alkalinity, aluminum, biguanide, calcium, chloride, cyanuric acid, magnesium, CG-pH, potassium, protein, sulfate, turbidity
    • Government compliance: European CE Mark and USEPA Compliance for Free/Total Chlorine
    • Sample required: 4 mL (0.13 oz)
    • Operating temperature range: 0 - 50°C (32 - 122°F)
    • Waterproof rating: Exceeds IP67
    • Instrument dimensions: (2" x 1.4" x 6.375")
    • Instrument weight: 5 oz (6 oz with batteries installed) 
    • Batteries: not included; uses (4) AAA alkaline batteries

    eXact® Micro 8 Advanced Digital Photometer Instruction Manual and Specifications
    eXact® Micro 8 Advanced Digital Photometer Brochure

    Note: To ensure optimal performance, store your eXact kit in a cool, dry place away from excess heat (below 100°F/38°C), moisture, and oxidizers such as chlorine and bromine.
    4 AA batteries
    Operating Conditions
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