GE SmartWater FX12M TFC RO Membrane Element

GE SmartWater FX12M TFC Reverse Osmosis Membrane 1220506

NSF Certified 

RO Membrane for the GE SmartWater PNRV12Z, GXRV10, GXRM10G

Part Number: FX12M
Alt. Part Number: 1220506
This item is no longer available. We have replaced it with:
AXEON TFM-36 TFC Residential RO Membrane 35 GPD

GE SmartWater TFC Reverse Osmosis Membrane FX12M Features:

GE SmartWater Membrane-Separation Technology employs crossflow filtration where captured impurities on the membrane are constantly swept away by the concentrate stream. This continuously cleaning prolongs membrane life reducing maintenance costs. In common applications, the RO membrane element, within a pressure vessel, accepts inflow pressurized saline feedwater. Crossflow filtration across the membrane then divides the flow into two outflow streams: the cleansed permeate feed and the concentrate or reject stream.

  • Residential Applications:
    • Purify varying qualities of saline water
  • Commercial Applications:
    • Drinking water for restaurants
    • Drinking water vending machines
    • Aquarium water treatment
    • Softened water for homes, hotels, commercial laundries and car washes
    • Post-treatment of deionized water
    • Pure water for pharmaceuticals, laboratories and electronics
    • Hemodialysis
    • Oil/water separation

GE suggests that you replace your flow restrictor (FRCT-260) when replacing the GE SmartWater FX12M reverse osmosis membrane.

11.75 "
1.80 "
36 gpd
98 %
Membrane Specifications
Drop-in Element
Operating Conditions
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