Swift Green SGF-DSA21 Compatible Samsung DA29-00012A Refrigerator Filter

Swift Green SGF-DSA21 Compatible Samsung DA29-00012A Refrigerator Filter
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WQA Gold Seal  Made in Canada  EcoFriendly

Part Number: SGF-DSA21
Alt. Part Number: DA29-00012A, DA29-00012B
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Swift SGF-DSA21 Samsung DA29-00012A Refrigerator Filter

The Swift Green SGF-DSA21 Samsung DA29-00012A Refrigerator Filter is a compatible fridge filter for the Samsung DA29-00012A refrigerator. The SGF-DSA21 filter provides cleaner, safer quality water as it removes harmful dirt such as sediment, cyst and lead.

All components of this filter are 100% recyclable and made through an environmentally conscious process.

Made in Canda
The Swift Green SGF-DSA21 filter & and all of its components have been proudly manufactured in both the USA and Canada.

WQA Certified
The SGF-DSA21 filter is certified with Water Quality Association Gold Seal to NSF / ANSI Standard 42.

Environment in Mind.
Swift Green is a brand committed to providing the most eco-friendly water filtration that also brings you the purest and healthiest water. All components of this filter are 100% recyclable! Most carbon filters are manufactured in a process called open pit charring, which releases pollution and greenhouse emissions into the air. Swift Green filters are produced with a new technology that carbonizes dried coconut shells in an enclosed, self-sustaining system while capturing and converting the emissions into useful thermal energy!
For Safe Clean Ice & Water.
The Swift Green SGF-DSA21 is designed to reduce turbidity, lead, cysts, asbestos, atrazine, mercury, and bad chlorine taste and odor. This powerful filter will provide safe and clean drinking water for up to 6 months.
Easy Installation.
Swift Green filters are easy to replace and install. Most of the filters only require a quarter to a half turn to tighten into place.
Compatible with the following Filter Cartridges:
Samsung: DA29-00012A, DA29-00012B, RM255BARB, RM255CAS, RM255LABP, RM255LARS, RM255LASH.
EcoAqua: EFF-6006A.

Meets NSF Standard 42, but not certified by NSF, NSF 42, WQA Gold Seal
11-3/4" (29.845 cm)
Materials of Construction
Coconut Shell Carbon Block
Filter Life
300 Gallons
As Needed
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
Quick Change
Chlorine/Taste/Odor, Cyst, Lead, Sediment/Dirt/Rust
0.5 µm
Swift Green
Operating Conditions
20 - 100 psi
0.5 gpm
33 - 100 °F
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Fits in the following Samsung Fridge Models:

DA97-03175-A DA97-03175A DA97-03175A-B

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