3M Aqua-Pure AP810 Filter Whole House Sediment 5 mic.

3M Aqua-Pure AP810 Whole House Filter 56189-05
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Model: AP810
Part Number: 56189-02
Alt. Part Number: 56189-24,5618924,CFS810
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Aqua-Pure AP810 Filter: 5 micron Whole House Sediment Water Filter Cartridge

The 3M Aqua-Pure AP810 filter is a heavy duty, large diameter, graded density sediment filter cartridge. The AP810 water filter provides both rigid construction that prevents collapse under high water pressure conditions and a porous cylinder that traps contaminants efficiently without affecting water flow.

The Aqua-Pure 810 filter is for use with the Aqua-Pure AP801, AP801T, AP801T-1.5, and AP801-1.5 whole house water filter systems and any other whole house filter system that calls for a standard size large diameter filter. Replaces WHCF-GD25BB. 

3M AquaPure AP 810 Filter 55779-15 Features:

  • Whole house water filter for rust and sediment, part number 55779-05
  • Progressive porosity filter cartridges are rated for long life under extra-heavy dirt loading
  • AP 810 filter is a 5 micron filter
  • Maintains water pressure at a 20 GPM flow rate
  • Maximum water pressure rating up to 125 PS

Aqua-Pure AP810 Filter Alternate Part Numbers

  • 55779-05
  • 55779-16
  • Grainger Part Number: 4LW37
  • G2544141
  • 3M Part Number: 5618902
  • 3M ID: 70020164177
    Case Qty: 4 per case (5577915) or 8 per case (5577916)

  • When is it time to change an AP810 Filter?

    how know time to change AP810 filterUnlike carbon based filters, there is no set time to replace a sediment AP810 filter. There are 2 methods for helping to determine if it is time to change the filter.

    1. The most accurate method is to install a water pressure gauge on both the inlet and outlet sides of the housing that holds the AP810 filter. Compare the water pressure reading from both gauges. If the difference is 10 psi or greater it is time to replace the filter.

    2. If you have noticed a drop in your water pressure or flow rate from faucets and showers, it is time to replace the filter. 

    How to Change and Replace an AP810 Cartridge

    steps to change ap8101. Turn off the incoming water supply by isolating the unit with existing valves.

    2. Bleed the pressure from the housing by pressing the pressure relief valve. Often, this is a red button on top of the housing.

    3. Remove the filter housing by sliding the wrench up towards the top of the housing. Once in place, turn the wrench to the left to unscrew the sump from the head.

    4. Remove the old filter cartridge from the housing and discard. 

    5. Clean the empty housing with warm soap and water by wiping it clean. 

    6. Insert the new AquaPure AP810 cartridge into the housing. 

    7. Add a small amount of lubricate to the housing's O-Ring, and then hand tighten the housing back into the head.

    8. Check to make sure the housing is secure, and turn back on the water.

    Aqua-Pure Whole House Filter AP810 Specification Sheet

    9-3/4" (24.8 cm)
    4.5" (11.4 cm)
    Materials of Construction
    Filter Life
    As Needed
    Filter Type
    Filter Specifications
    5 µm
    Aqua-Pure - 3M Purification
    Operating Conditions
    20 gpm
    100 °F
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