Mounting Bracket - UB-1 Kit for 3/4" Housing U-Shaped Bracket and Screws

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Kit includes bracket and four screws

U Shaped Mounting Bracket for 3/4" Housings

Model: UB-1
Part Number: 151011
Alt. Part Number: UB-1, 151011, 144012-00, FC14401200
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Pentek/Culligan UB-1 Mounting Bracket Kit

The Pentek / Culligan UB-1 Mounting Bracket Kit is a "U" shaped bracket used for mounting 3/4" standard filter housings, including Ametek, AquaPure, US Filter and others. The UB-1 Kit ( # 151011)  comes complete with bracket and four (4) screws.

The UB-1 can be used with Aqua-Pure housings (AP11, AP101, PA51, AP12, AP102),  Pentek housing, Culligan HF-150 / HF-160 / HF-360, Ace 45025, Ace 46764, Ace 49560, American Plumber W34-PR, and Rusco 3/4" Spin-down, Sediment Trappers filters for both cold water and hot water applications.

Also known as DuPont® WFAB150.

Also Compatible With:
Ace Hardware UB-1
American Plumber WMB34
Do It Best UB-1
OmniFilter, Flotec UB2530-R-05 for U25 and U30 housings