BWD-HWA Basement Water Alarm

Basement Watchdog BWD-HWA Water Alarm 44413

Minimize the risk of water damage with this early warning system

Part Number: 302881
Alt. Part Number: BWD-HWA
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Indoor Water Alarm Features:

Use the Indoor Water Alarm Battery-Operated Water Alarm to detect leaks before costly water damage is caused. This alarm can detect as little as 1/32 in. of water and produces a loud 110 dB alarm that can be heard throughout the house to provide an effective early warning system. A convenient battery-saver feature only uses energy when the alarm is sounding to offer a long battery life.

  • Alarm sounds with as little as 1mm of water reaches the sensor a 110 dB alarm goes off.
  • Battery-saver feature keeps battery fresh for up to 48 months - uses no battery power to monitor circuit
  • Includes 1.7 meters of wire for sensor - can be extended to 60 meters
  • Solid-state circuitry is extremely sensitive and reliable
  • Requires 9 volt alkaline battery which is not included
  • Can be placed directly on floors or mounted for installation in a variety of locations: in a sump pit, near water heaters, refrigerators or dishwashers, next to washing machines, under sinks, close to air conditioner drain tubes, etc.
  • 18 month warranty

This Indoor Water Alarm is also known as the Basement Watchdog BWD-HWA Water Alarm 44413 and Glentronics Indoor Water Alarm.
18 month
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