Omnifilter PF300T Replacement Filter for PF500 Water Filter Pitcher 3 Pack

PF300T OMNIFilter, FlotecWC1000-S-05
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Part Number: PF300T
Alt. Part Number: WC1000-S-05, PF300-T4-05
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Omnifilter PF300-T4-05 Replacement Filter 3-Pack for PF500 Water Pitcher

The Omnifilter PF300T is a universal replacement filter cartridge for water filter pitchers like the Omnifilter PF500. Pitcher filters are ideal for people in mobile homes, RVs, or dorm rooms who cannot make changes to their under sink plumbing, but still want great tasting drinking water.

  • Replacement cartridge for: Omnifilter PF500 Pitcher Water Filter
  • Includes three filter cartridges
  • Filter reduces sediment, chlorine taste and odor
  • Filter life: 2 months or approximately 50 gallons
  • Quick and easy replacement – no special tools required
  • Date reminder indicator on pitcher lid

The Omnifilter PF300-T4-05 3-Pack is also compatible with:

  • Pur® CRF-950Z-3
  • Culligan® PR-1
  • GE® GXPL03
  • Walgreens® WP-1
  • Walgreens® WP-3RU
  • Brita® OB03
  • Brita® Classic (model # OB01)
  • Brita® UltraMax (model # OB24)
  • Brita® Deluxe (model # OB26)
  • Brita® Atlantis (model # OB32)
  • Brita® Grand (model # OB36)
  • Brita® Slim (model # OB11)
  • Brita® Space Saver (model # OB21)
  • Brita® Riviera (model # OB35)
  • Brita® Aqualux (model # OB37)
  • Brita® Chrome (model # OB39)
  • Brita® Pacifica (model # OB41)
  • Brita® Vintage (model # OB43)
  • Brita® Bella (model # OB44)
  • Brita® Everyday (model # OB46)
  • Brita® Marina (model # OB47)
  • Brita® Oceania (model # OB48)
  • Culligan® Health O Meter WFR1
  • Culligan® Health O Meter WFJ2
  • Mr. Coffee "Water by Culligan®" WFR1
  • Mr. Coffee "Water by Culligan®" WFJ2

Omnifilter PF300T Replacement Filter Manual
Also Compatible With:
Culligan Water Filters PR-3, P-1RRR, PR-1, P-1R, PR-3U, PIRRRU, PR-1U, P1RU, 01019011, 01019010
Pur CRF-950Z-3
Filter Specifications
Chlorine/Taste/Odor, Sediment/Dirt/Rust
Compatible with Culligan, Brita, and GE
20 µm
OMNIFilter, Flotec
4-7/8" (12.4 cm)
3 filters per box, 6 boxes per case
Operating Conditions
Filter Life
40 Gallons
Materials of Construction
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
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