Neo-Pure Postfilter Retrofit Kit for SteamPure Distiller 6 pack

Postfilter Retrofit Kit for SteamPure Distiller

An economical postfilter for your SteamPure distiller

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Neo-Pure Postfilter Retrofit Kit for SteamPure Distiller 6 pack

The economical SteamPure Water Distiller Post Filter Retrofit Kit utilizes a simple to use post filter cup that contains coconut shell granular activated carbon to polish your distilled water from any remaining tastes or odors, as well as any VOCs.

  • BPA free economical water distiller postfilter
  • Six postfilter cups per pack
  • Includes postfilter lid and elbow fitting
  • Replace postfilter every two months

How to Use the Neo-Pure Postfilter Retrofit Kit:

Before using a postfilter cup, submerge the postfilter cup in some hot water for 10 minutes to condition the filter and release any air bubbles, then run some water through it to release any carbon fines. Replace the pour lid supplied with your SteamPure Distiller with the retrofit lid, and place the post filter into the center hole. Insert the elbow fitting into the fitting supplied with your SteamPure, and place the jar under the fitting so that the distilled water will dispense into the post filter cup.

Filter Specifications
Operating Conditions
Filter Life
12 months
Materials of Construction
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