SMF Selecto CoffeeTeaPRO System

80-6200TP Selecto Scientific
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Part Number: 80-6200TP
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SMF Selecto CoffeeTeaPRO System

  • Replacement Cartridge: 108-067K
  • Applications: Coffee, Tea & Espresso Machines
  • Hardware has been independently tested against NSF/ANSI Std. 42
  • VOLUME: Medium

Selecto SMF 80-6200TP, Features:

  • No pre filter required
  • One Filter can do it all!!!
  • Dirt, Chemical and Chloramines reduction
  • Low pressure drop
  • High Efficiency Resin & Ultra High Porosity Carbon
  • Nylon construction withstands high pressure
  • Modular filter design for up to 80% less installation time!
  • 40 times more dirt holding capacity than conventional carbon block filters and other polypropylene sediment filters!
  • 30 times the chloramine reduction of a conventional carbon block
  • 1st Jumbo Sanitary Filter on market
  • Blending of treated and incoming water is optional!
  • Reduce scale build up
  • Reduce Maintenance for coffee, tea & espresso machines
  • Reduce tea turbidity to less than 65 NTU
  • Reduce pitting and corrosion of equipment
  • Reduce sediment, chlorine, chloramine and alkalinity

SMF CoffeeTeaPRO System Specifications Sheet
SMF CoffeeTeaPRO System Installation Manual
SMF CoffeeTeaPRO System Brochure
Coffee System, Espresso Filtration
Bad Odors, Bad Taste, Chloramine, Chlorine, Dirt, Scale, Sediment
Chlorine 20,000 / Chloramine 6,000 Gallons
5.0 µm
2.0 gpm
1/2" Barb
Ion Echange Media
29 "
14 "
9 "
Operating Conditions
1-5 psi @ 1 gpm @ 60 psi psi
40 - 100 °F
Meets NSF Standard 42, but not certified by NSF
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