Neo-Pure K-NPQ2-S 2 Stage Quick Change Water Cooler Filter Kit w/Sediment Prefilter & Scale Inhibitor

K-NPQ2-S neo-pure
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Made in USA 

With Sediment Filtration

For use with POU (Point of Use) Water Coolers

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Neo-Pure KNPQ2-S 2 Stage Quick Change Water Cooler Filter Kit w/Sediment Prefilter and Scale Inhibitor:

  • 1 mic (nominal) filtration of chlorine taste and odor, sediment, cysts, lead and scale
  • Dedicated 5 mic (nominal) sediment NP-QSED5 prefilter
  • Radial flow-through filter design utilizes entire media area for maximum performance and minimal pressure drop
  • Self-contained sealed cartridges ensure that hands do not touch the filter media reducing the potential for introducing bacteria
  • Spun polypropylene prefilter wrap extends the life of the filter by protecting the media from plugging due to sediment
  • Includes a 1/4" inline ball valve

Neo-Pure K-NPQ2-S Water Cooler Quick-Change Series Filter Kit Includes:

  • White powder coated metal bracket with mounting screws
  • NP-QCB01PBS filter provides 1µm filtration of chlorine taste and odor, and cyst
  • NP-QSED5 prefilter provides 5µm sediment reduction
  • PP4VUC4-MG shut off valve
  • 25’ x 1/4" tubing w/ (8) 1/4" nail and “C" clamps
  • Cable ties to fasten the head assembly to the back of the cooler

Neo-Pure K-NPQ2-S Water Cooler Filter Kit Specification Sheet
Neo-Pure NP-QSED5 Specification Sheet
Neo-Pure NP-QCB01PBS Specification Sheet

Drinking Water System, Water Cooler Filter System
Bad Odors, Bad Taste, Chlorine, Cysts, Lead, Scale, Sediment
1250 Gallons
1 & 5 µm
0.5 gpm
1/4" QC
Contains USA and foreign made components
14 "
8.75 "
5.5 "
Operating Conditions
125 MAX psi
35 - 100 °F
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