Neo-Pure NP-2SG Compatible Replacement Cartridge for Seagull® IV X-2K RS-2SG

Neo-Pure NP-2SG Compatible Replacement Cartridge for Seagull® IV X-2K RS-2SGShow Picture 1Show Picture 2Show Picture 3Show Picture 4
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Part Number: NP-2SG
Alt. Part Number: RS-2SG
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Neo-Pure NP-2SG Replacement Cartridge for Seagull® IV X-2K RS-2SG

The Neo-Pure NP-2SG is a fully compatible replacement cartridge for the Seagull RS-2SG. This sub-micron filter features electrokinetic attraction, which reduces harmful heavy metals such as mercury and lead, as well as microorganisms like giardia, cryptosporidium, and cysts. It also reduces VOCs, turbidity, rust, chloramine, and chlorine taste and odor. The end caps are thermally bonded, rather than glued, to the filter to create one solid unit, giving it superior strength, longevity, and reliability. The NP-2SG features a built-in flow restrictor to ensure proper contact time with the eco-friendly coconut shell carbon block media. This cartridge has a high flow rate and a 2,000 gallon capacity.

All components of this filter are 100% recyclable and made through an environmentally concious process.

Made in the USA
The Neo-Pure NP-2SG filter & and all of its components have been proudly manufactured in the USA.

Contaminant Reducer
This filter reduces chloramine, chlorine taste & odor, cysts, giardia, lead, mercury, sediment, dirt, rust, turbidity, cryptosporidium, & VOCs.

General Ecology, Inc® is a registered owner of the trademark Seagull®. This replacement product is not manufactured, endorsed, or approved by General Ecology, Inc®. Part Numbers and photographs of products and systems are used for identification purposes only and do not demonstrate an association with General Ecology, Inc®. This site makes no representation as to the effect the use of this replacement product may have on any warranty that you received with the purchase of a General Ecology, Inc® Seagull® IV systems.

Specification Sheets & Manuals

Also Compatible With:
Seagull, General Ecology RS-2SG & RS-2SGH Filters; IV X-2KF, X-2KB, & X-2K Systems
Independently Tested to NSF 42 & 53, but not certified by NSF
8" (20.3 cm)
Materials of Construction
Acid Rinsed Coconut Shell Carbon Block
Filter Life
2000 Gallons
6 to 12 Months
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
Chloramine, Chlorine/Taste/Odor, Cyst, Lead, Sediment/Dirt/Rust, Turbidity, VOC
Built-in Flow Restrictor
0.5 µm
Operating Conditions
1.5 gpm
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