Dol-fyn ARS 3000 Automatic Water Distiller with 12 Gallon Reservoir

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WQA Gold Seal  Made in USA 


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Dol-Fyn ARS 3000 Automatic Home Water Distiller

The Dol-fyn ARS 3000 Automatic Water Distiller is ideal for producing clean, healthy water for many applications related to health, as well as maintaining your products which use water, such as dental products, vaporizers, humidifiers, CPAP machines, steam irons, waterfalls, fish aquariums, and many more. In fact, many manufacturers strongly suggest using distilled water in order to prolong the life of their products. The Dolfyn ARS 3000 Automatic Water Distiller purifies water by replicating nature's own hydrologic cycle.

How a Dol-Fyn Water Distiller Works

Boiling: Water is heated in the boiling chamber which kills viruses and bacteria and produces steam.

Evaporation / Venting: The steam rises, leaving heavy metals and lower boiling point contaminants like chlorine behind, reducing VOCs.

Condensation: The steam condenses as it travels through the cooling coils.

Carbon Filtration: Distilled water passes through a carbon filter, polishing the water's taste.

Collecting / Dispensing: aThe distilled water is collected in a reservoir, ready to serve clear, great-tasting water.

Features & Advantages

Quality Assurance
The Dol-Fyn ARS 3000 Water Distiller is a fully automatic, free-standing water distiller system.

  • Has the WQA Gold Seal - a certification of industrial grade manufacturing and design integrity
  • Continuously refilles the 12 gal water reservoir
  • Features patented "gravity control feed
    system, eliminating boiler floats
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Produces up to 9 gallons a day
  • Reduces chlorine, VOCs, & other

Informational video
Great for Juicers & Blenders!
The Dol-Fyn ARS 3000 Automatic Water Distiller for your home is a great source of producing large quantities of clean and purified water for your beverages. And because its a counter-top system, its perfect for use with a juicer or blender. If you frequently make delicious and healthy fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies or juices for your family, purified distilled water is the only logical choice. It will provide you with the most nutritional and great-tasting drink possible- because delicious smoothies and juices start with delicious water!
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Specification Sheets & Manuals

UL, WQA Gold Seal (S400)
17 "
11 "
9 gallons per day
12 Gallons
3 hours per gallon
15 years: Stainless Steel, 1 year: Parts & Electrical
Inlet Solenoid Valve
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
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