Hydrotech 40600042 Flow Restrictor - 75 gpd for 1230x/1240x

Hydrotech Flow Restrictor - 50 gpd for 1230x/1240x
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Hydrotech Flow Restrictor 75 gpd for 1230x/1240x 

The Hydrotech 4060034/40/41/42 Flow Restrictor contains a capillary inserted inside the ¼" red tubing at the end connected to the RO Manifold and is used with Hydrotech Models 12302, 12303, 12304, 12401, 12402, 12403.

Flow Restrictors (FLR) can clog with debris and therefore should be replaced at the same interval as replacing the RO membrane. FLR’s have various flow rates that must be properly sized to the membrane capacity in order for the RO to function properly. When changing the membrane capacity in your RO system, always install a new FLR that is properly sized to yield a proper rinse rate of approximately 3 parts to drain for every part of product water (RO) produced.

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