ROMATE RO-80 Reverse Osmosis Storage Tank Composite 80 Gal

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FDA Approved  WQA Gold Seal  BPA Free  Made in USA 

Pressure Bladder Tank

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Model: RO80
Part Number: ROMATE-80
Alt. Part Number: 34684, CH34473
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ROMATE RO-80 Reverse Osmosis Storage Tank Composite 80 Gal

The ROmate RO80 80 Gallon RO water storage tank is designed for both residential and light commercial RO storage. The RO80 comes with a heavy-duty butyl aircell and seamless composite construction among other features. 

Used in Residential and Commercial Applications. The ROmate RO80 is ideal for both residential and light commercial reverse osmosis applications.

Durable Tank Body. The heavy-duty butyl aircell tank construction is chlorine resistant and 100% lead-free, ensuring no chemicals or elements are introduced into your water. The concave dome allows for maximum amount of service water.

Additional Specifications:
  • Diameter: 24-1/4"
  • Height: 55-1/2"
  • Connection: 1-1/4" MPT PVC
  • Noryl plumbing connections
  • 5 year warranty for tank body; 1-year warranty for bladder

ROmate Storage Tanks Specifications Sheet
Tank Volume Comparison Chart

Consumer Note: ROmate tanks ship with no pre-charge in order to avoid damage during transport. Tank will need to be pressurized before use.

Reverse Osmosis Tank Maintenance and Accessories:

For optimal performance, it is necessary to keep a pre-charge of approximately 7 psi in your tank. Most automotive tire pressure gauges either do not read below 10 psi, or are not very accurate at pressures this low. 54846 Tank Pressure Gauge reads pressures between 0 and 20 psi, making it perfect for RO tank maintenance.

The RO tank should be sanitized before initial use and during every filter change. The Reverse Osmosis Sanitizing Maintenance Kit features Sani-System, an EPA & NSF certified sanitizer, making it a great alternative to using chlorine bleach. The kit also includes a syringe for application of the sanitizer.

Also Compatible With:
Aqua-Pure™/3M Purification 55984-09
Everpure DEV3115-73, DEV311573, EV3115-73, EV311573
Tank Specifications
RO Water Storage
86.7 Gallons
0 PSI psi
1-1/4" MPT
55.5 "
24.25 "
58 lbs
Operating Conditions
120 °F
125 psi
Seamless Composite
Butyl Rubber
WQA Certified to Standard 372 for Lead Free Compliance, WQA Certified to Standard 61
5 years on tank 1 year on bladder
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