PURA 89512 UV Quartz Sleeve for UVSS-15/UVSS-15M Systems

UV Lamp for PURA UVSS-10 & 10M

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Model: UVSS-15 & UVSS-15M
Part Number: 89512
MSRP: $98.42
Price: $89.99 

Pura 89512 UV Quartz Sleeve for UVSS-15 & UVSS-15M Systems

The Pura 89512 Quartz Sleeve is the genuine replacement sleeve for use with Pura's UVSS-15 & UVSS-15M systems. The Pura 89512 quartz sleeve provides thermal protection for the system's UV lamp and protects it from possible damage.

It is recommended to clean and inspect the quartz sleeve when changing your filters, and each year when replacing your Pura 89502 UV Lamp. Replace your Pura 89512 quartz sleeve if damaged or if it cannot be cleaned by non-abrasive methods.

Pura UVSS-15 & UVSS-15M Series Systems Brochure

2-3 years
Domed End
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