Matala VersiFlow Horizontal Pump - 4690 GPH

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Horizontal & Upright Pump

2 Year Warranty

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Part Number: V-4700
Alt. Part Number: MKH400, Aquascape 4500, 4740
MSRP: $634.00
Price: $476.05 

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Matala V-4700 VersiFlow Horizontal 4690 GPH Pump Features:

The Heavy & Continuous Duty non-clogging vortex type Matala V-4700 VersiFlow pump can be used horizontally or upright and has been designed for use in skimmers. It is such a versatile pump that it can be used to sprinkle or discharge rain water from farmland, to relay pump stations or manhole to relay raw water. It is also perfect for waterfall, fountain, pond and garden spraying, and even sump pits or waste water handling.

  • Cord Length: 20ft
  • Discharge: 2"
  • 2 year warranty

Applications for the Matala V-4700 VersiFlow Pump:

  • Waterfall, fountain, pond and garden spraying
  • To sprinkle or discharge rain water from farmland
  • Sump pit and waste water handling
  • To relay raw water at relay pump stations or manholes

Replacing a failed or defective pump?

Many Aquascape® brand pumps can be replaced by a Matala brand pump. Use the chart below to find your compatible replacement.

Old Pond PumpMatala Pump Replacement
Aquascape Pump 1500, SFA1500 
Matala GeyserFlow Pump G-2300
Crystal Ponds 2500, WFP2400, MAS200
Aquascape Pump 3000, MKH150
Matala VersiFlow Pump V-3200
Aquascape Pump 4500, MKH400
Matala VersiFlow Pump V-4700
Aquascape Pump 7500, MKH750
Matala VersiFlow Pump V-5600
Aquascape Pump 10,000 (20005) Matala GeyserHi-Flow
Pump GHF-9000
Ebra 9000 Dominator (50DW6.75)

Matala V-4700 VersiFlow Horizontal Pump Flow Curve
Matala V-4700 VersiFlow Pump Manual
Matala V-4700 VersiFlow Pump Specifications

15 "
7.7 "
2 years
1/2 hp
5.3 AMP
2 "
78.1666 gpm
4256 gph
2707 gph
1789 gph
30 ft
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