Matala GeyserHi-Flow High Flow Pump - 9200 GPH

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Completely Submersible

2 Year Warranty

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Matala Submersible GeyserHi-Flow GHF-9000 Water Pump Features:

The Matala 9000 High-Flow water pump is designed for large waterfalls, fountains, and/or garden spraying, irrigation, discharging water from farmland, ponds, rainwater, sump pits, and washed water handling.

  • 10mm hole size in strainer
  • 2 year warranty

Applications for the Matala GeyserHi-Flow GHF-9000 Pump:

  • Large waterfall, fountain and garden spraying
  • Irrigate or discharge water from farmland or ponds
  • For use to discharge rainwater
  • Sump pit and washed water handling

Replacing a failed or defective pump?

Many Aquascape® brand pumps can be replaced by a Matala brand pump. Use the chart below to find your compatible replacement.

Old Pond PumpMatala Pump Replacement
Aquascape Pump 1500, SFA1500 
Matala GeyserFlow Pump G-2300
Crystal Ponds 2500, WFP2400, MAS200
Aquascape Pump 3000, MKH150
Matala VersiFlow Pump V-3200
Aquascape Pump 4500, MKH400
Matala VersiFlow Pump V-4700
Aquascape Pump 7500, MKH750
Matala VersiFlow Pump V-5600
Aquascape Pump 10,000 (20005) Matala GeyserHi-Flow
Pump GHF-9000
Ebra 9000 Dominator (50DW6.75)

Matala GHF-9000 GeyserHi-Flow High Flow Pump Flow Curve
Matala GHF-9000 GeyserHi-Flow High Flow Pump Specifications

19.3 "
11.7 "
1.0 hp
10.9 AMP
3 "
158.333 gpm
8800 gph
6400 gph
4400 gph
2100 gph
31.0 ft ft
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